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The Big Four: Governance, Guns, Drugs, and Human Trafficking

The Big Four: Governance, Guns, Drugs, and Human Trafficking

The first question is, do these multi-trillion dollar black market enterprises pay taxes? Oh, yes, I forgot…none are necessary. We pick up the tab…for all of them. Their owner/operators just collect the wealth from our worldwide misfortune of being misgoverned, gunned down by criminals, drugged into epidemic oblivion, and kidnapped and sent into Third World factories and/or sold into sex slavery to the highest bidders.

It is sad to have recently heard four soldiers report that they served their nation by guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. I am glad to know our heroin users are protected in this way by our tax dollars. Every soldier who I personally talked to has also reported being immediately drugged upon arrival in the Mid-East and becoming more aggressive, staying awake for days on end, and feeling unlike themselves. Two soldiers reported that upon arrival, they were immediately injected with 14 shots, none of which they were allowed to ask about or question.

Other soldiers have reported that they no longer fight for the U.S. but are assigned to global policing missions that protect corporate “assets”. They admit to not being U.S. military but rather global military. They also admit to being trained to care not for “civilians”. “We protect assets, both national and international, not American or other civilians”. “Wow,” I said. “And we are trained to worship you guys.” He said, “Yeah, we know that, too, and it makes us real uncomfortable.”

Considering the American military has been out of the country for a century, all the above should come as no surprise. It should also come as no surprise that upon reentry into the U.S., these soldiers are immediately diagnosed as crazy, they lose their marriages in disproportionate numbers, end up homeless on the streets and addicted to both prescribed psychotropic and street drugs making them, of course, crazier. After all, they should not be talking to American “civilians” about guarding poppy fields, foreign and national assets, and droning down pointless civilians while their nation sends billions in tax dollars and equipment to “terrorists”.

What a sick and extraordinary game we are playing with the lives of civilians and soldiers while so much enrichment continues as deposits into the hidden accounts of the same-old-same-old banking and corporate players. The Big Four, all interconnected, all profit based and tax free, work together like deposit slip glue. But, let me help you to see this just a little more clearly. Massive factories have been erected in Third World impoverished nations where millions upon millions of people-slaves work for miniscule wages or no wages at all. At the same time, 95+ million American people have lost jobs with the Fair Tax (30% of everything that you buy and are billed for) impending, while jobless Americans are also losing their homes, land, water access, and even their transportation. Hmmm.

I am guessing that in the very near future, someone or some nation with money will come into the United States and erect massive factories so that we have some place to work…say…some nation like…China…located in perhaps…manufacturing hubs…where we, too, can live in…mobile crate containers since we will not be paid enough for standard homes or apartments…much like in…China…or in tiny flats like in…Europe…you know, where people are eating out of trash cans at the moment and biking in the rain to find work and food…

And all the while the Big Four are bringing in tax-free dollars from all our hard work with no pay. And, yes, you better start biking and walking, Greenies, so that you get used to factory labor, 16-hour work days, six or maybe seven days per week, and being Asian thin (you know, the new BMI indexes). A conspiracy theory, you think? Well, you just keep telling yourselves, “It’s all a conspiracy, it’s all a conspiracy, it’s all a …..”.

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