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Why Don’t We Just Call Ourselves Chinamerica and Get It Over With?

Why Don’t We Just Call Ourselves Chinamerica and Get It Over With?

China is wholly on board with 1) a global currency administered by the IMF, 2) free global trade, and 3) housing the world’s corporate headquarters. Why don’t we simply admit that we are a western offshoot of China, because our federal and state politicians certainly evoked such into law?

American manufacturing is finished. The petrodollar is finished. Middle class wages are finished. Constitutional rights are finished. Brutal policing forces are now normal. Being arrested for having opinions is normal. Total surveillance via Chinese electronics is complete. The U.S. power grid system is Chinese-made.

Brutal prison systems are normal. Automobile usage is being replaced with bicycles and bike and walking paths. The BMI index commands Asian thinness. The UN commands the eating of vegetables and rice. Why don’t we just admit that we have become China so that the “secret” Trans Pacific Partnership with China can come out of the closet?

Clearly, we are not living in America. China uses a brutal top-down managing government, as we are now doing (“You’re either with us or against us”), and China believes in bankster Capitalism, which they adopted from us. As such, what is the difference between the U.S. and China? Absolutely nothing; that’s what.

Since we are awaiting the event, the “crisis” that will collapse the dollar, and since the IMF is waiting in the wings with their “basket of currencies”, leading to their global currency and takeover/consolidation of the all national economies, why not admit that China’s system was selected as the global system beneath which to serve? Why not admit that we are low-wage earners like the Chinese people, are mistreated in our places of employment, and over-mastered by politicians with thug street forces? It’s already here. Does the pretense of “America” make anything better? Equally, we would all be better off starting businesses in China than in the U.S. However, the U.S. government has impoverished 90+% of the American people, so we have no money to move. Even so, that does not negate the fact that we are Chinamericans, and our consumerism of Chinese products for the last 50 years proves our devotion to the Chinese government. You just can’t say it isn’t so.

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