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Living in the Post-Employment World: One and only one solution

Living in the Post-Employment World: One and only one solution

As the federal government enforced the global outsourcing initiative in order to lower U.S. wages, the next nail in the coffin provides work visas for all immigrants (many more than five million) and federal grants for corporations or businesses that hire only immigrants.

In other words, employment for Americans is finished. The federal government, in collusion with transnational corporations, planned the best interest of “business” by impoverishing Americans, giving them equitable Third World status by treaties and Executive Order, ensuring minimal, preferably no wages. We have been had and permanently robbed of all potential livelihoods. Congratulations on your candidates and political parties of choice. They stabbed you in the back, both of them; all of them.

America is a brutal joke. There is no more flag waving for me. There is no regard for capitalism or the American way. I have no future, no security, and my entire life as an educated, working American means nothing. My future, as is yours, is grim. Thank heaven we have the insurance lobby initiative for nationwide assisted suicide, right?

Switzerland is in the process of legalizing a $2,600 a month guaranteed income for every adult citizen, employed or unemployed. As Motherboard reports:

"Switzerland could soon be the world’s first national case study in basic income. Instead of providing a traditional social net—unemployment payments, food stamps, or housing credits—the government would pay every citizen a fixed stipend.

"The proposed plan would guarantee a monthly income of CHF 2,500, or about $2,600 as of November 2014. That means that every family (consisting of two adults) can expect an unconditional yearly income of $62,400 without having to work, with no strings attached. While Switzerland’s cost of living is significantly higher than the US - a Big Mac there costs $6.72 - it’s certainly not chump change. It’s reasonable income that could provide, at the minimum, a comfortable bare bones existence."

Since America is now a global democracy and its people without constitutional law or representation of any kind, I favor Switzerland’s new social program. More than one-third of Americans are already forced onto government welfare, and as Obama’s newest Executive Order guarantees that number to skyrocket, I believe the hope for survival is to demand a similar program since the government purposefully robbed Americans of employment.

However, as I have stated in the past, I believe that every American adult, including all CEOs and politicians, should be given the identical income of $70,000 per year; a more than fair wage considering the top .01% has taken 90% of America’s money for their personal gain and use. I also believe they should first be jailed for 20 years. It’s their turn to “give back to their communities.”

Many disagree on this proposed solution because they believe I am advocating Socialism. I disagree. I am advocating for truthful and actual equity and equality, only I am demanding that the .01% and their paid liars in office be included and forced to pay for their theft,  crimes and lies about equity and equality. I want them forced into the equitable and equal system they illegally and Executive Ordered upon us.

Today I want to see their game played out because without constitutional law, and according to those who control the government, we are a democracy. As such, I demand the equity and equality demanded by democracy. I want a guaranteed $70,000 a year income, and I want Bill Gates, George Soros, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, John Kerry, all Rockefellers, and all the rest of the liars who instituted global democracy to know what it means to be equitable and equal. After they have served their sentences, they will get $70.000 incomes, like the rest of us.

Call it Socialism, Democracy, Capitalism, Fascism, Communism, a hybrid system; call it anything you want, because their rule of law is not a political system. Those days are long gone. Their rule of law is a corporate business model that has replaced all former  political/economic systems to further enrich and centralize all power beneath the very same named parties and all others like them.

They named their governing lie “democracy”. They have brutally exploited every people group on the planet, and today 85 of the world’s richest people now control half of the world’s wealth. As such, I am calling their democracy bluff. The Americans on this list, combined with the Federal Reserve’s stolen assets and gold, should pay off the national debt and all foreign creditors, and they can fund a fair and equitable $70,000 a year income for all American adults, which will then stimulate the economy with consumer purchasing vs. their Wall Street, banking, profit “sharing”, and Black Market algorithms.

We are victims of crime. I want what Switzerland wants; only I want much, much more. I want payback.

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