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Fanaticism: The source of our nightmare

Fanaticism: The source of our nightmare

I read an amazing article titled “The Reengineering of Life – and How to Prevent It” by Julian Rose, which is posted on this site. Rose raised the point of fanaticism within the ranks of the elite controllers; a point which somehow continues to be ignored.

I have written about the elite control of global economic systems for many years, and though it is obvious “economics” only serves to route money and power unto the elite, Rose rightfully points out that it is we who deliver their underserved wealth by 1) investing in their stocks, and 2) depositing our wages and savings into their banks; both their uniquely designed self-delivery systems.

The investment and banking systems have secured elites for centuries within their national boundaries and also raising enough wealth to support invading armies to colonize at will what today we refer to as Third World nations and what were once called non-Christian or heathen nations. Such slaughters, enslavements and stolen natural resource territories were considered Christian missions. However, they were actually planned invasions by monarchies seeking additional wealth and power; the Vatican included.

Attacking today’s Third World, which means any nation the elites want it to mean, is financed by Wall Street and all other global exchanges coupled with enforced consumerism—our consumerism. Cases in point:

We cannot afford heat, but we can afford smart phones at $700.00 a pop and $100 to $250.00 per month communications bills.

We cannot afford quality, non-GMO groceries, but we can afford Smart Phone addictions—even for our children.

We cannot live on part-time wages, but we compassionately support bringing in 17+ million immigrants to supply corporations provided with governments grants for hiring them, not us, with the message that Third World low-wagers make our part-time wages seem normal—a result of the corporate taste for outsourced/no benefit Third World slave laborers and resulting profits. In case you still don’t get it, you never again will see quality living standards in the U.S. You will, however, experience Third World standards such as one-third of the U.S. population is currently experiencing.

Sadly, upper-middle class Americans still play the investment game whereby enriching global elites while most everyone is forced via automatic deposits to play the banking game and, even worse, the debit card game where all wages remain locked down as the property of banks. I, myself, have gone weeks if not months without ever carrying cash. However, after Cyprus, that changed. Again, and sadly, most Americans have no idea what I am talking about, but broken records are obviously ignored.

Rose also raises the issue of geoengineering, which I believe to be the most insidious of all elite missions; that of poisoning the air, rain, snow, and consequently the ground/soil. The result of geoengineering is, plain and simple, genetically modified food crops, water acidification, and global droughts and flooding, which, in turn, cause extinction-level species die-offs, both flora and fauna. Still, we believe geoengineering is a conspiracy theory because elites deny its existence though we watch the planes day after day, decade after decade. We place our wages into banks. We buy and eat Monsanto’s genetically modified food while purchasing more and more pharmaceutical drugs to attempt to stave off epidemic numbers of chronic diseases.

Here is reality, a broken record I realize, but nonetheless true: Within two to three decades, most of humanity will not be alive. We, too, are dying off much like fish and other aquatic, insect, and Aves (bird) life forms. Scientists estimate we are losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal background rate, with dozens going extinct on a daily basis. In 2015 it is estimated that 30 to 50 percent of all species could be extinct by mid-century. Driving the mass extinctions is elite fanaticism for more money and power, and fanatical geoengineering it is.  Add to this our whollly radiated planet.

Fanatical beliefs in power and profit have led to technological funding and discoveries now phasing out the bulk of humanity, which is no longer needed for mass productions. As robotics, nanotechnology, AI, 3-D printing, and other computer-based technologies are rolled out, the need for human labor is rapidly ending, with the reality of such becoming more obvious each passing year.

Each year also highlights the ongoing destruction of air, water, soil, flora and fauna, with actual medical care reserved only for the very rich, such as stem cell cures. Human mass-extinction is also in play with global Alzheimer’s disease; a result of pharmaceutical and insurance/corporate –political intention and design, which will continue for several more decades to come. Global pandemics will also play out in tandem with technological labor production and mainstreaming. Depopulation was never a humanitarian program; it was a program profit-based on mass extinction.

In short, we are not the fanatic/terrorists/conspiracy theorists or the dangerous. We are, however, the ongoing support systems of fanatical elites missioned with the elimination of the bulk of humanity. In America, one cannot help but wonder whether we are not in agreement with their mission since we use Smart Phones, entertainment, and even God as excuses for never lifting a finger to end the elite power, theft, and murder structures.

Global elites have gone mad enough to justify the destruction of the planet and biological life. Keep investing in their madness knowing you and your children are in the final decades of life. You have become, in fact, unnecessary eaters. Just ask your Smart Phone. Kissinger is too high and mighty to reach.

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