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Adult Decision-Making Is Over

Adult Decision-Making Is Over

In 2013 I wrote:

“It would appear that totalitarian observation and control of we the people has fallen into the hands of the MSWs, advocates and professional facilitators, counselors, therapists, educators, law enforcers, and medical personnel who now force-direct the beliefs, behaviors, and courses of our lives – and all under very direct threats of mental, criminal and/or drug therapy designations. In other words, one dares not disagree with nor disregard the authority of the social scientists that have acquired the authority to take your freedom, children and your sanity if you are seen as a “threat” to their politically prepared and enforced definitions of the obedient “human” resource.

“They have the authority to drug elders to death. They have the authority to drug children into insanity or lethargy. They have the authority to forward entire personal “profiles” to governmental grantors, who, in turn, forward profiles to state Fusion Center data bases. They have the authority to take your freedom, children, your possessions, your homes, and even your lives.

“The Communitarian system of governance pays social scientists to govern your being under threats of many makes and measures. They are the “gatekeepers” who, through “counseling and referral” identify your “social” profile through control of your behavior and opinions. We’ll just call them high priests on dictatorship steroids.”

Today, in 2015, it’s worse. Adults have no say about vaccinating their children or themselves, which means they have to rights to their physical bodies. They have no say about the medical care of their children or senior parents. Mind you, the rich have these rights. The rest do not.

Adults have no say about medical “insurance”; a lie of monthly tax bill proportions, a forced tax payment often higher than rent or house payments, and the new rule of law that will damage the people of the U.S. beyond recovery once the tax is in full enforcement in 2016. I hope you weren’t counting on republicans to eliminate this tax.

Adults have no say or opinion regarding the immigration issue as the government is today the only moral authority. If in doubt, ask your government grant-funded church leadership about the grant-funded and nationwide directives to serve immigrants. The moral leadership of the church is government money, and the nation’s churches sing all praises to gods of annual budgets. Adults, by the way, pick up their taxes, pay for their large screen TVs and surround sound systems, crystal chandeliers, housekeeping and lawn services, and potted planters in exactly the same way and system as paying for public schools, but adults don’t mind having no say in the matter.

Adults have no say whatsoever regarding personal privacy. Sorry, but the government believes your best interest is to have no privacy, animals that you probably are…or may become.

All of the must-have electronic devices were specifically designed to watch and record adults (and kids) in cars, homes and places of employment. The retail industry itself is designed to monitor everyone in parking lots, entering and leaving buildings, at cash registers, and throughout stores. It’s kind of like a prison…on community steroids. Once people get micro-chipped like good and responsible citizens should be, and for reasons of identify safety of course, then perhaps all animalistic tendencies will cease to exist. Perhaps adults will be killed by keyboard before they kill or commit a robbery or protest for civil rights. Until then, perhaps machine guns will take people out if in NYC. The moral authority has determined adults deserve no privacy. Adults have no say about it whatsoever, because civil rights have been deemed unsafe for “the community”.

One may have noticed the entire world is using militarized policing forces. That is not by accident but rather in fear of adults angered by dissolved civil rights and livable wages. When it could no longer be hidden that “sustainability” actually meant the taking of all natural resources (air, soil, beneath soil, flora and fauna, and water reserves) for billionaires and their corporations (timber, water, cattle/chicken/swine, oil/gas and government being the largest wealth producers and land holders in the U.S.), militarized policing guerrilla teams were funded and provided artillery to protect those billionaires and their corporate, governing, and financial assets…globally. Once again, with the fewest having robbed the most by redistributing all wealth under their control, they became scared to death, which leaves all the robbed masses in grave danger. History only and always repeats the same old song and dance.  

Adults are also not happy to have discovered that the sustainable green movement was based on outrageous lies and deceit by the moral authority government which they unwisely chose to believe. Sustainability means more taxes for adults who have no say in the matter whatsoever. Since NYC was the first in the nation to get machine guns specifically for protesters, more will follow (refer to Obama’s brand new January 16, 2015 Executive Order stating “attention is paid to standardizing procedures governing its provision of controlled equipment and funds for controlled equipment to LEAs [law enforcement agencies]”). Expect machine guns in your cities as well, because their coming is being standardized across the nation by presidential executive order.

The U.S. is being turned into a war zone in preparation of war as is occurring today in Eastern Europe. One should be cognizant of the fact that in the Mid-East and in Ukraine, the U.S. funds and equips terroristic-style guerrilla groups and/or large armies. In fact, NATO troops train guerrillas and supply them with weapons. Therefore, heads up, Americans. If you think government is not capable of raining terror down upon you and your unwillingness to march like obedient clones to global orders, you’re not watching unfolding global events.

Eastern and Western Europe is collapsing. The Mid-East is collapsing. Many nations in Scandinavia are collapsing; Venezuela, parts of Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Columbia and other Latin American nations, riddled by crimes and violence for decades, are today intentionally imported into the U.S. by immigration deals made to finish the job of collapsing the former U.S. legal system. This is why the U.S. has adopted Third World guerrilla policing practices to deal with high unemployment, non-livable wages, crime and violence reinforced by media and entertainment, horrible public education with half of American children living in poverty, and easy access to street drugs and illegal weapons…the identical scenario in many Latin American nations.

Did American adults lift a finger to save their nation and civil rights? No, they did not. As such, today those same adults have no rights to any decisions regarding themselves, their nation or their futures.

The U.S. is preparing for internal war against all enemies foreign and domestic, which means anything the government wants it to mean. American adults lost not only their governing authority but also their personal authority and autonomy. With no say in any matters, adults will, indeed, follow orders. Ultimately, once Americans are forced to be micro-chipped, and they will be forced to do so, there will be no more “humanity” left to debate. There will only be humanoid devices to remotely control as decision making, choice and opinion will be things of the biological past.

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