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Crimes against Humanity & Biological Life = Finance/Corporate Technocracies & Oligarchies

Crimes against Humanity & Biological Life = Finance/Corporate Technocracies & Oligarchies

The poor have always known that slavery exists, was never rejected, or transformed into fairy tales of “equality”. There are more slaves today than ever in history. However, Americans pat themselves on the backs claiming to have rejected slavery in their minimal history of 12 or 14 generations. That self-deception is so typical of the “American” psyche that all slave-made products filling stores and homes are magically transformed into thrifty purchases. Slaves, whether sold, bought, kidnapped or trafficked into global sweatshops or judiciously incarcerated into corporate prisons, are the backbone of quarterly billion dollar profits, billionaires and trillionaires, central banking and Wall Street technocracy, other global technocracies, and oligarchies. The slave system is a thriving global behemoth.

Americans wholly accept slavery, themselves included. Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and the Mid-East are considered the most wretched slavers, and their histories demonstrate human rights abuses dating to the beginnings of written history, yet America is no better. However, Americans reject American guilt on principles of Americanism, which always points fingers toward any and all “enemies” as so declared by red and blue leaders representing corporate slavers. Whatever corporate wants, and where ever that “want” happens to fall on the global map, enemy populations are targeted, advertised, and marketed prior to invasion, slaves are gathered up, kidnapped and/or sold and relocated to global “trade” areas following “regional” destabilizations, and natural resources, water, and wealth are taken for the greater good of “global” petroleum, natural gas, water, crop land, gold/silver/uranium/copper/etc. oligarchs. The corporate oligarchy gets the fruits of the earth; humanity gets slavery, deadly food and water, and enforced radiological Smart Phones and Meters.

The corporate oligarchy does not like expensive human resources, particularly sick and starving slaves who make for bad advertising, and they are eliminating them rapidly. Manufactured super viruses have been tested and test-dispersed for decades, and multiple mass-dispersals are, today, ongoing. Poisonous chemicals, radiological, and biotechnical substances have been dispersed and sprayed upon humanity and all of nature for at least 60 years, and human health is profoundly declining with every passing generation. We are, in fact, being exterminated; the challenge being whether most humans will die off before earth systems become incapable of sustaining any biological life.

The bottom of the food chain is mostly gone. Insects and plankton are mostly gone. Birds are mostly gone. Fish are dying off in epidemic numbers, globally, as are most sea mammals in the Pacific Ocean. Equally interesting and largely ignored is that what Americans refer to as “feral” cats, meaning cats in their natural state, have mostly died or were caught and executed. Wild dogs no longer exist, deer have somehow developed new and common diseases akin to “mad” cows, and similar brain disorders are epidemic in humans, such as Alzheimer’s and autism “spectrum” diseases. Human and animal ill-health is crossing paths and transgenic genes, but Americans don’t notice just as they do not notice their slave-made possessions. Not only do they not notice, they steadfastly refuse to make ugly connections. They prefer named, targeted, and marketed enemies. They look to celebrity oligarchs to concoct innocence and missions. Bill Gates, Oprah, Hillary and Bill, Barack, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; oligarchs don’t even have to be “living”. They can just as easily be algorithms and “models” of some global ideal plastered all over the Internet.

At present, a mass die-off of biological life has already occurred, is occurring today, and will continue for one more decade. By 2025, the oceans, air, and soil will be mostly poisoned by aerial spraying and radioactive contamination. All transportation and energy usage will be 100% controlled. All global fresh water sources will be owned, redirected, and controlled by corporate technocracies. Many Baby Boomers will have died of brain disorders or cancers with centers “humanely” putting down many, many others using nursing “care” executions, while “insurance” corporations continue lowering the age of eldership. The enforced used of more and more pharmaceuticals will be legislatively mandated, and nutrients will be denied both in foods and supplements.   Animal proteins will continue to be destroyed in their natural states, and mass death due to starvation and drought will spread from Africa, India, and China into the rest of the world. Americans will continue to deny all the above, only and ever pointing fingers to any and all enemies so declared by their oligarchs and billionaire screen idols. They won’t even see their dead trees and gardens.

Throughout human history, truth telling has always been considered a revolutionary act, but this was prior to invisible enemies such as super viruses, nano-particulate poisons in the global atmosphere, unfettered radiological contaminations, and today’s wholly artificial skies and mass insect, fish, and bird extinctions only recognized by the oldest living generations, who are also rapidly dying off.

“Humane” organizations, having rehearsed with and executed most “feral” animals (once called “wildlife”, nature lovers), now turn their attention to Baby Boomers, Generations X and Y, their epidemic cancers, kidney and liver failures, reproductive problems, diabetes, chronic pulmonary ailments, autism, and Alzheimer’s diseases, all having become epidemic human ailments in the last 50 years. Americans refuse this information. They look to their oligarchs for mind and cognitive management.

When I was a child, there were no flu seasons, plagues in nursery schools, elementary, middle and high schools…minus one…chicken pox. Back then, when a child came down with chicken pox, all mothers in the neighborhood would bring all their children to play with the pox’d child so all the school children came down with chicken pox at the same time, to get it over with. Today, drugs and antibiotics are used for every sniffle, immune systems are subsequently destroyed before adulthood, and every child is sick for weeks and weeks of every school year, where parents then seek pharmaceutical clinics for immune system, kidney, and liver destroying drugs. The oldest living people remember healthy children; most alive today have never seen them. Today’s children suffer epidemic sicknesses, brain disorders, behavior problems, breathing problems, drug addictions, obesity, technology addictions, aluminum, mercury, and fluoride toxicity, and food, air, and water poisoning. American parents refuse this information. They look to oligarchical mass media and Internet advertisements for drug therapies and organic vegetables…grown in wholly toxic soils and rained upon with aluminum, barium, strontium and bio-polymer, lab-created, transgenic nano-particulates; the actual definition of today’s “organics”.

The easily researched and endless proof regarding all the above is unacceptable to Americans. They refuse such knowledge and their cognitive failures because they are Americans, the best human beings in the world with the best country in the world. However and minimally, within ten years, the world will be unrecognizable. Today, for instance, my maple trees finally produced leaves…in Mid-May. Last year the leaves appeared the beginning of April. However, Americans will refuse to even question. They may wonder why the summer flies and June bugs disappeared and why night ponds are silent, but they will find solace in the non-explanations of the oligarchs via Smart Phones and tablets until those, too, disappear.

Today it is May 14, 2014. It is cold. Tomorrow night and for several nights, it will be near freezing. No one has planted their vegetable gardens, which are today highly regulated, because the winter will not end. My perennials have not come up…and it is mid-May. The West Coast, inundated with radiological contamination from Fukushima, WIPP, and the “accident” in Oregon, is drought-ridden, has a 90% loss of aquatic insects, and is losing forest fauna in near-total numbers. The West Coast ecosystems are dying, while the East Coast is freezing. Americans, however, will find just cause and solace in their devices. Their oligarchs will tell them what and how to think, because they, too, are nothing more than sick and dying slaves.

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