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California: Geopolitical destruction in action

California: Geopolitical destruction in action

Much like its East Coast counterpart, California brought forth the nation’s greatest fortunes during the early years of U.S. history. As such and like the East Coast, California has remained a state and lifestyle orchestrated by billionaires, their mining and forestry industries, their investments in entertainment, communications, research and development, and technology. The foundation of California’s great wealth was and remains like mined gold.

The mineral, gas, and oil wealth beneath California’s surface is very real as are all global energy conflicts, political colonization, wars, and land/water initiatives. With the earth’s surface largely contaminated and radiated, underground and undersea wealth are the 21st Century missions of global corporatists and their global governmental system. California is experiencing corporatist governance unlike no other state thus far.

As most employed people are today incarcerated, minimum wage, or slave laborers, and with robotics set to eliminate most wage earners within 20 to 30 years, people and their health and health care are no longer a priority for the world’s largest “employers”. The continuance of great wealth and power, however, remains the highest of priorities, particularly beneath a global corporate governing system. Continuity of this wealth and power is of particular interest during the next generation or two during the onslaught of global human culling/depopulation. Here again, California is of great interest. Case(s) in point:

California has been overtaken by global and regional land and water management, confiscation, and control under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, State Fish and Wildlife, State Parks and Recreation, State Trust Land, the Department of Transportation, international border regions, territorial and tribal lands, county and regional lands, city lands, Biosphere Reserves, conservation corridors and buffer zones, World Heritage Sites, Nature Conservancy lands, large acreage and roadway private ownership, private foreign ownership of acreages and roadways, and corporate ownership of vast acreages and watershed systems. Most of California is off the table to people, though they are the taxpayers supporting all the above. Most of these organizations claim to operate in protection of California lands, also of great interest. More cases in point:

Incessant climate engineering has all but destroyed insect life, fresh water, and all of California’s forested areas. California has more wildfires than any other state due to drought caused by climate engineering/nano-particulate heavy metals sprayed into the atmosphere, which fall to the ground covering forests with highly flammable nano-aluminum. California burns annually. Furthermore, water in the rural and wild areas of California, the areas that burn, has been 1) cut off, 2) is in the process of being cut off, 3) is redirected to cities, and 4) is redirected to foreign owned rural territories or foreign owned businesses, once again under the guise of land/nature protection.

Home ownership and rents in California are unaffordable except for millionaires and billionaires. As such, the largest international black market hub in the U.S. for the import/export of human slaves is San Francisco, providing household slaves in the form of illegal “enforced” immigrants as servants to California millionaire and billionaires. Interestingly, California also has the largest population of imprisoned people in the United States, most of which foreign born and mostly Hispanics. In fact, the U.S. arrests and imprisons approximately one-half million immigrants annually, more than any other nation in the world, enriching the U.S. privatized prison systems as well; prisons chock-full of immigrants.

Not only is California a center for human trafficking, it is also an international drug trafficking hub, another black market leader. Equally, California is home to the largest base of drug treatment centers in the United States—particularly for millionaires and billionaires—where drug trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business, annually.

International gun trade is the most profitable black market in the world and, you guessed it, California is a magnet for transnational drug and weapons’ cartels, which tend to run side by side with international government/economic collusion. Located across from Asia, California’s very strategic international ports, its common border with Mexico/Central America/South America, and its millionaire and billionaire wealth, California became America’s primary black market hub. Equally, California championed the early open borders incentives, the legalization of drugs, the disease model of addiction, and open border immigration. As a state with massive high finance crime to cover, it championed all political initiatives to decriminalize its multi-trillion dollar black market industries. It does not tend to champion the rights of commoners to self-protection/constitutional gun rights, but its global and regional politicians, millionaires, and billionaires do champion private security details that are, of course, armed. Who they are afraid of can be answered by California’s inmate populations, the largest of any state in the U.S., which brings us to other cases in point:

Due to international, foreign, federal, state, local, land trust, and private land and water reclamation, climate engineered drought, and unstoppable wildfires claiming massive acreages annually, food production has been all but halted in California. Farming, ranching, and even orchards are largely a thing of the past; yet, the black markets are thriving and, of course, will continue to do so as the most profitable and interconnected of all transnational industries.

An interesting wildcard for California is Fukushima, the globally ignored “accident”. Here is why:

1)      Millionaires and billionaires do not keep the bulk of their assets in the U.S.

2)      Millionaires and billionaires have many, many homes in which to go, globally.

3)      Millionaires and billionaires actually do not like close associations with foreign or domestic criminals. They hate being associated.

4)      Millionaires and billionaires are internationalists. They have no particular devotion to California much less the U.S. They are welcomed where ever they go.

5)      When everything is dead and rotting on Pacific Coast beaches, they will, indeed, go to greener pastures.

6)      Millionaire and billionaire Californians know their state is chock-full of very serious criminal enterprises coupled with an impoverished majority, in both of which they are very afraid.

Though I cannot wave a magic wand or theorize as to the endgame, something has gone terribly awry with the beautiful state of California. It is, in fact, being radiated, drought ridden, and its food and forest bounty purposefully destroyed. Its remaining wealth remains below ground- and sea-level, and petroleum and black market profits rule today’s world. If I were living in California, I would be watching for the millionaire/billionaire exodus, and I would follow suit forthwith. California is either a geopolitical sacrificial lamb, it is to be strip mined, or the world’s top three black markets are regionalizing in radiated Cali. Like I said, I would leave if I were you. There is no such thing as coincidental state destruction. Just ask Michigan.

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