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Really Cool Theft-Based Initiatives

Really Cool Theft-Based Initiatives


It is amazing how all aspects of financial life are theft-based. All pricing is gouged, items placed “on sale” are in actuality raised prices, utility and communications pricing are beyond actual comprehension by theft-based design, and all students from Pre-K to post-graduate are charged at least ten times what dumbed-down federal education programs are worth. Even “death with dignity”, now legal in four states (Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Virginia), correlates financially and directly to 1) Boomer retirement, and 2) the enforced healthcare law that does not intend to pay for senior healthcare when dying “with dignity” is more profitable. Good-bye eldership and good-bye to average middle-agers with very serious health problems, except for the wealthy of course.

And then there is the entire top to bottom banking system. No more home loans or even car loans for students in massive student loan debt; they do not qualify. No more loans period for those who lost their homes resulting from job losses, 95+ million job losses. Raised taxes on the lower and middle classes, ensuring nationwide poverty and its resulting government control called “entitlements” coupled with the forthcoming 30% Fair Tax, and any dollars left to be immediately scooped up by mandatory and monthly healthcare premiums, the ones that will cost 100 to 400% more than this year according to insurance corporations.

The news reports that France is taxing its people at just about 100%, leaving workers with nothing in their paychecks once taxes are retrieved. The very same scenario is months away for American workers as well. We hear that people are eating out of trash cans in Greece. Americans are also eating out of trash cans through this fact goes unreported. Due to the mass poverty in the U.S., citizens buy primarily cheap Chinese products, whereby decimating their own economy; all, too, by design as everything available for purchase is made in China by exploited and very overworked and underpaid “human resources”. As such, dehumanization is also highly profitable.

As most people are now diagnosed with cancers, diabetes, asthma or COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, autism disorders, major organ failures, and/or allergies, big bucks are also spent on drug regimens, therapies, and other enforced medical intrusions; all the cause of most sicknesses and bankruptcies in the U.S. In truth, minus the one percent of course, you couldn’t save five cents if someone gave you five cents to save. But then, again, you are not meant to save money. You are meant to be poor; Third World poor.

Coupled with poverty is also the very systematic theft of legal rights, which are commanded as unsustainable. In order to be safe from boogey men, you must not have rights, even the right to self-protection from boogey men. You have been commanded to give up all privacy, jobs, earnings, savings, homes, automobiles, firearms, and private property, and you must give up your opinions to the ruling elite or be a designated terrorist; all this to ensure your “safety” and instituted by both democrat and republican “representatives” of your “greater good”.

When all is said and done, theft of your labor, money, and legal rights is systemic, planned, enacted, and enforced. The powers that be want you to have nothing; not homes, cars, savings, retirement, pensions, investments, self-protection, medical care, university educations, private homes and property; nothing. It has been determined that you are not human beings but rather human resources or cheap labor, meaning sub-human or lesser beings. Know, however, that many people profit from your labors and by stealing the contents of your paychecks, which I suspect will become non-existent in the near future, opting instead for swipe cards designed with spending “credits” depending on your job description and Fusion score.

International, national, state, and local taxes will be automatically withdrawn right along with enforced healthcare premiums, and most American people will be left with nothing; much like today expect far worse. Very soon utilities will be regulated, food and water will be regulated and rationed like “smart” utilities, and you will be assigned to “local communities” or “regions” or “manufacturing hubs”, you pick the terminology, and without “personal transportation” while roads continue to dissolve before your eyes. If you have any money, better buy an electric golf cart. If not, better buy or rent bicycles; a HUGE hit in Europe and Asia by the way. If you are anything besides an American citizen, perhaps you can get a bank loan to start a rickshaw business.

Yep, we have been commanded to accept the theft of our labors, wages, properties, and rights as politically correct, sustainable and green-minded citizens, and I’m sure it will be just as satisfying for us as it is for Europeans and Asians. Don’t leave home without your “credits” card, also issued to “protect” your identity and with the added benefit of tracking your every move and purchase for Fair Tax taxation purposes. Keep telling yourself, “This is great! Now we are all really equal!” And on that note, make sure you are very nice to the troops stationed in your sectors, the ones with automatic rifles and tanks, and make sure you are in by curfew. “Change” is great, isn’t it?

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