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Dialectical “Health” Care beneath Aerial Spraying Bombardment

Dialectical “Health” Care beneath Aerial Spraying Bombardment

Are you kidding me; continuing a “health” care debate while being sprayed like insects on a daily and nightly basis? For three days and nights in my neck of the woods, we have witnessed non-stop aerial spraying campaigns, and there is not one word from the government or in the mainstream news – nada – about the poisons raining down upon every life form, soil and water. Our buildings, automobiles, communities, streets and yards are covered with heavy metal particulate matter plus God knows what else, and we want to talk “health” provided by a government that is spraying us and all the rest of nature…every day??

What exactly is our problem? Besides foot stomping denial, are we also blind as batty morons? Why do we insist upon not seeing what we see directly above our heads nearly every day and remaining bizarrely silent while lunatics alter GLOBAL weather and sunlight? Do we believe there will be no affects, no repercussions? For all blind bats, here is reality:

Trees and forests are dying and burning in incomprehensible acreages, globally.

There is mass ozone depletion, globally.

Morning dew is disappearing, globally.

Horrible droughts and horrible flooding are occurring, globally.

Cement-like snows are falling, globally.

Biological plant life is losing its ability to grow and gain nourishment in contaminated soil, globally.

Two hundred species A DAY are estimated to be dying out, globally.

Neurological diseases in children and the elderly have increased by thousands of percentages in the last three decades, globally.

Asthma, COPD, and chronic upper respiratory infections have increased by tens of thousands of percentage points in the last three decades, globally.

Liver and kidney failures in humans have become epidemics in the last three decades, globally.

Cancers are killing humans and animals in epidemic numbers, globally.

Aluminum-resistant food and feed seeds are now genetically manufactured in order to grow in aluminum saturated soils, globally.

Aluminum (aerial spraying) combined with mercury (vaccines) is DEADLY to humans and all other biological life forms.

The acidification of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, ponds, and wetlands and the consequential mass die-off of fish and sea and fresh water creatures...

…and we haven’t touched upon the dangers of fracking and the artificial releasing of methane gas. Health? Do you seriously want to talk about government sponsored and enforced “health”?

Here is more reality:

We and our cars did not cause global warming or ozone depletion. Aerial spraying did. Why? To blame every adult for the pollution and to then collect global taxes from ever adult in the world while corporations buy carbon “credits”, avoid taxes, and while their elites live in multiple mega-mansions, all with security details and systems, limousines and drivers (write-offs), buy fleets of multiple luxury vehicles (write-offs), have the top of the line heating and air conditioning systems (write-offs), have jets and helicopters (write-offs), and eat specially grown, greenhouse organic foods from non-profit government “partners and stakeholders” (write-offs).

WE are paying for corporate and government damages to the planet, and they are living as the wealthiest people in all of human history. WE are being sickened. THEY are being protected, yet we insist upon and persist in abject denial of what we see before our very eyes nearly every day. Instead, we worry about government health insurance? OMG!?

You better wake up and DO something, and if you are awake and doing nothing, then go back to sleep. Get on and NOW, study up and get to work. As for Obamacare, no. When the spraying stops, WE will decide what WE should do. WE will not turn over our sickened health to those who sickened us, and anyone who does is bat-shit crazy.

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