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Do We Survive?

Do We Survive?

Experts charged with caring for nations and their people turned on the people. The “representatives” of “democracy” gave the entire wealth of nations to cronies who now govern all former representatives. The results are beyond all comprehension, because this thimble-full of humanity overtook the entire globe.

The damage caused to earth is incalculable and cannot be repaired. Radiation contaminations alone render the planet permanently toxic without any consideration to the further damaged caused by genetic crop modifications, electromagnetic tampering in the atmosphere, microwaving the earth from satellites and ground-based systems, and climate engineering. The cronies, their representatives, and their research and development corporations and inventions have destroyed the planet; hence, human existence, like the epidemic extinctions currently in play, is also terminating.

No one is nor can be healthy on a dying planet. The experimental drugs that are today enforced upon human beings do not work. They are, in fact, hastening sickness through dulling and pain killing, masking the same illnesses destroying flora, fauna, soil, water, and air, globally. The damage to the planet, which is well known, is no doubt a cover story for the depopulation the crony class admittedly intends. Clearly, they are in a race to eliminate the bulk of humanity before they render the planet unlivable. Defiance from humanity is today wrapped in straightjackets of mental illness diagnoses and terrorism designations, because to speak the truth runs afoul of their self-protection laws of non-disclosure.

This kind of criminality is not new. Governing authorities have historically robbed and devastated the bulk for humanity for riches and power, but with their personal sciences, all of humanity has become sickened to such degrees that quickened eliminations are easily achievable. Radiation-sickened people, for example, are wholly vulnerable to bioweapons. They cannot recover from any ill-health with compromised immune systems. All immune systems have been thoroughly weakened if not destroyed, and bio-weapons are clear and present dangers as well as warehoused. As such, and with the current mass extinction of plant and animal life on earth, we should assume there will be mass extinctions of the toxically drugged, sick and elderly forthcoming, followed by toxically vaccinated children and, finally, those in the prime of poisoned life.

The food chain has been thoroughly devastated. Plankton, insects, birds and bats, salt and fresh water fish, pigs, chickens, cows, moose and deer, etc., are all sick and dying as a result of climate engineering, the planetary inundation of microwaves, electromagnetic alterations in the atmosphere, sun blockage, genetically modified crops/feed, and the non-stop aerial spraying of nano-particulate aluminum, barium, strontium, sulfates and lab-created biological bacteria, water acidification, rising ocean temperatures, and planetary methane releases. When the food chain dies off, so does humanity.

As such, an ongoing global mission to confiscate humanity’s remaining wealth has been set forth using global laws because we are in the throes of death. Their hope is to confiscate all wealth prior to human extinction. Higher taxes, land/property confiscations and foreclosures, reverse mortgages, hospitals confiscating the properties of the sick and dying; job elimination, bank account, retirement fund and pension raids, the theft of Social Security, etc., all the results of “legally” taking from the sick and dying prior to mass extinction—a large-scale event known to be forthcoming.

Transhuman sciences know biological humans are finished; that humans cannot survive a planet relentlessly contaminated with the purpose of not supporting life. The richest people spend fortunes decontaminating their bodies with “cleanses” of many makes and measures, and with substances unknown to the masses. Nor do they eat the chemical and biological concoctions eaten by the bulk of humanity. The transhuman sciences are for the richest of the rich and how they will survive while the greatest bulk of humanity joins the mass extinction. Equally, the masses are the test case/clinical trials for such sciences; the experiment in action that, they believe, will ensure their survival following their willed global genocide.

With the entire planet experiencing strange new human/animal/mammalian diseases, wealth, land and water confiscations, food and crop poisoning, enforced drugging, epidemic cancers, epidemic kidney/liver/pancreas failures and brain disorders, sun blocking and climate alteration, and water contamination and privatization, an obvious mission is in play. The richest do not want the masses. They have global slave populations, but 7+ billion they do not want; hence, theft prior to murder is globally legal and transpiring. How astounding that the world’s militaries somehow agree. They, too, have turned on the sick and dying as if they are somehow immune.

Do we survive the death of biological life on earth? We do not as far as they are concerned.

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