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Subsidies and Consolidation: How 21st century slavery works

Subsidies and Consolidation: How 21st century slavery works

Black’s Law Dictionary states that “subsidy” is:

In English law. An aid, tax, or tribute granted by parliament to the king for the urgent occasions of the kingdom, to be levied on every subject of ability, according to the value of his lands or goods. Jacob. In American law. A grant of money made by government in aid of the promoters of any enterprise, work, or improvement in which the government desires to participate, or which is considered a proper subject for state aid, because likely to be of benefit to the public. In international law. The assistance given in money by one nation to another to enable it the better to carry on a war, when such nation does not join directly in the war…”

No matter which version of subsidy one chooses to believe is inconsequential as “law” does not exist in former meanings or beliefs in meanings. Law is whatever corporate powers want it to be and whatever global militaries will enforce. But “subsidies” are important to understand if only in retrospect because they are foundations of distortion and deceit. For example:

Farm subsidies = food pyramid = junk/animal feed food ingredients = ill health = medical enforcements = governmentally-based lies

Healthcare subsidies = enforced taxation = unaffordable health care for sick populations = governmentally-based lies

Social subsidies = entitlements = welfare = enforced poverty = social control = governmentally-based lies

Carbon tax subsidies = funding for global government = free reign for global corporate polluters = forcing the world’s people to pay for the allowance of corporate pollution = governmentally-based lies

Pharmaceutical subsidies = sickened people forced to pay for drug research and development = paying for enforced chemicals that kill them = depopulation and sterilization = governmentally-based lies

Corporate subsidies paid for by taxpayers = enforced theft of the people = to grow government-sized corporations = human trafficking for slave laborers = governmentally-based lies (see here, for example:

There are many more subsidized categories, of course, but you get the gist.

Then there is consolidation, which has many, many components as defined here:

Consolidating corporate power and governmental power led to 1) mega-corporations, and 2) regional, unionized (as in EU and NAU), and global governing bodies. The latter, consolidated governmental powers as they have evolved were not presented to U.S. representatives as desired of, by or for the people. Corporations once granted personhood presented the desire for consolidated governing powers that worked in sync with consolidated corporate law. Today, both consolidated corporations and governing powers are indistinguishable. They are one and the same, and as such, taxpayers now fund corporations as a matter of regional, union and global laws and taxes. The world’s people have no governmental representation; only corporations are represented by governing bodies, all governing bodies. All people bankroll the wealthiest entities on the planet.

We are forced to give corporations private properties in the forms of land and water, our privately owned homes and businesses, our savings, retirement accounts, pensions, and investments, and even our children as indebted low-wage and trafficked laborers and soldiers. Any noncompliance and we are arrested and housed in America’s slave labor sweat shops called privatized prisons, which are also recipients of “economic development” subsidies.

One might make note that the entire world—every nation—has fallen apart due to this greed-based system of governmental and military-enforced extortion. The problem is that total public stupidity was achieved using education subsidies enforced by the corporate mandate for low or no-wage laborers, which they got the taste for during the off-shoring decades. Consolidated mega-corporations have no intention of paying quality wages ever again. All profits soared once wages were all but eliminated, so much so that corporations themselves became government.

When you believe you have constitutional rights or that the Constitution will save you, you have succumbed to educational stupidity. There is no Constitution, and in order to reverse what corporations and their representatives "in office" have done, you have to 1) stop voting them into office, and 2) stop buying corporate crap made by real, live, abused and exploited slaves, most of which women and children. If you refuse to do these two things, then eat their shit (literally) and die (literally). Your consumerism enriches and empowers your masters. Also consider that they intend to depopulate the planet in the next 20 years by at least one-third to one-half while repeating every day to expect pandemics, power grid failures, and nuclear war. Don’t be too sure that pandemics and radiation poisoning are not ongoing and occurring as we speak; invisible, subsidized and consolidated devils that they are, and that power grid “failures” are merely flips of consolidated switches. One last thought:  there is nothing more enslaving than terminal stupidity.

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