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Social Security IS NOT an “Entitlement”

Social Security IS NOT an “Entitlement”

Get this straight once and for all: Working Americans’ paychecks, each and every paycheck, are forcibly deducted in order that retirees have an income once retired. Those deductions are taken out of our paychecks our entire lives. Those deducted Social Security dollars are our money, because they were taken from our earned paychecks. They were EARNED dollars.

Quite obviously, and much like Obamacare, Social Security was actually a tax which the government misused and/or bankrolled into self-investment profits, but that money is OUR money. You try to call it an “entitlement”, try to tell us that OUR Social Security money is “unsustainable” or any other United Nations’ terminology, there will be the largest uprising in US history. Social Security money, all of it, belongs to the people whose wages from which it was forcibly withdrawn, and you better have it, in totality, when each and every person retires in this nation.

To the younger working Americans, make note of how much is deducted from your paychecks for Social Security so that you understand it IS NOT an entitlement. Social Security comes from the wages of your labors that are deducted for your eldership. Social Security is NOT a government hand out. It is your earned money, period. The government does not get to call it something else simply because they misused and/or stole our money. Get proactive, young people; you’ve got to watch this government like a hawk or they will rob you blind.

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