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“Public” Education: Teaching Joey and Janey Who and What to Hate

“Public” Education: Teaching Joey and Janey Who and What to Hate


We point fingers at Middle Eastern countries and their schools that teach and preach hatred for Jews and western culture, blaming governments that sanction religion-based educational hatred. We rarely consider the near constant occupation by foreign and western military forces that have manipulated and devastated those nations for upwards of one century, and how that might have something to do with Mid-Eastern education, but we readily and easily condemn what we believe to be educational hate mongering. Perhaps we should consider our manipulations and devastation and the results to the Mid-Eastern people and their hopes for a bright future under military occupation. Thus far, it hasn’t worked out so well for them.

Equally under-thought is the consideration of the American public education system that use to train labor forces with functional literacy and mathematical capabilities, but today trains minimally literate and mathematically incompetent low-wage laborers who are also trained who to love and who to hate. For example, gay, lesbian and transgendered people are federally sanctioned as loveable, and Christians and conservatives are backward and hateful. Progressives are intelligent and inclusive, conservatives are ignorant and condemning. Nature is abused, and human comfort is evil. In truth, Joey and Janey are being taught 1) who and how to hate, and 2) how to live as highly controlled, incapable and unquestioning low-wage labor forces; all under the guise of “critical thinking” and all federally COMMANDED beliefs.

U.S. public education is a sick joke because it does not educate nor prepare students for higher education or to think independently of government or of management”. Equally, it encourages, if not insists upon youth sex, abortions, atheism, and independence from parental authority, which is why most parents (minus rich parents) are treated with disdain and contempt by teachers and administrators.

Non-compliant students, those who challenge authoritarianism and canned curricula, are pipelined into Big Pharma kiddy drug therapy and addiction, with which parents are forced to comply, and they are data based as “mentally ill” for the rest of their lives (no gun ownership for those kids in the future). Equally, all those “diagnosed” children will be left standing in the welfare lines as their diagnoses will magically appear, with their pharmaceutical addiction records, on every E-verified job application score. These children’s futures are screwed.

However, American parents send Joey and Janey off to their wonderful schools, forking out tax dollars and extracurricular thousands upon thousands of dollars, while public schools all across the nation lower educational standards, implement mind control curricula, and dump billions of taxpayer dollars into real estate renovations for the government-owned schools; new parking lots, new gymnasiums, new buildings, new soccer fields, new bathrooms, etc., while school libraries are dismantled and eliminated in exchange for addictive new screen devices for the kiddies…the kiddies who can’t read or do math, and who are farmed into two-year “career” colleges for corporate and low-wage wage slavery. Man…the truth hurts, doesn’t it? But, hey, those school campuses sure look great!

You should be relieved; however, that education for elite students is very different in private institutions of excluded learning. Elite students are still taught higher order reading and writing, mathematics, and science and logic, and they score marvelously on SAT and ACT scores and continue to be accepted into the best universities in the world, and all without student loan debt or mental health diagnoses. You should be relieved knowing your next “leaders” are very well prepared.

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