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Today’s “Free” Americans

Today’s “Free” Americans

Everyone I know is pondering whether to leave the country. Everyone I know is not making it. Everyone is paying too much for rent or mortgage payments, paying too much for natural gas, electricity, gasoline, water and sewer, and for trash collection. Everyone is paying way, way too much for public school education and the cost of higher education is equal to buying four or five new automobiles. Everyone I know is buying the largest part of their groceries in dollar stores, and everyone minus a few wealthy families who have all retained full-time employment has been cut to part-time hours, self-included, and we all finally realize we cannot afford the Affordable Health Care costs that are rapidly forthcoming under direct threat.

We have been robbed of our futures. We are all terrified that our paychecks are required to be direct-deposited into accounts that are, today, limiting our withdrawals. We are constantly under threats of new employment licensure mandates and forced to keep training for jobs we have been performing for decades. We have watched in horror as experienced workers are routinely replaced with new, completely inexperienced and lowly-paid, part-time new hires, and have watched our friends and family members lose their homes and automobiles due to loss of jobs and livable wages. We have been discredited by credit scores and scam-based loans, and we have been made sick by pharmaceutical drug pushing and poisoned food and water. We have been profoundly abused by pathological greed and wealth while political representatives tell us we are in good shape, are recovering, and that all their enforcements, including the total destruction of our nation's economy and theft of its wealth, are in our best interests.

I talked with my best friend this morning, and she just received her monthly gas and electric bill, $406.00 for a three bedroom ranch. She and her husband have three kids. They have cut their grocery budget down to $400.00 a month to feed five people in order to pay their power bills coupled with their mandatory $750.00 a month car insurance bill. Now they are waiting for their Affordable Health Care bill for five people, which is not only going to crash and burn their budget much like a whistleblower’s car, but they know the bill will be wholly impossible to pay.

All of the above is the reality for 90% of the American people, and we are equally being arrested for trying to get by; for growing gardens, for keeping pigs, chickens, and cows, and for trying to hold on to land that allows for the production of household food. We can no longer heat with wood as so commanded by insurance companies. We can’t even keep dogs for protection, and owning firearms now condemns us as potential criminals/suspect terrorists. We can’t even have Bible studies in our homes or discuss faith in public, and everything we do, everywhere we go, and all communication we have at home, in our cars, from our computers and/or phones, in our places of employment, and in our stores is recorded, listened to, and stored.

We are prisoners, wage slaves, criminals, and we have lost our futures, our happiness, and even our lives. Fetuses, the elderly, and even animals are routinely and annually executed in the tens of millions. All I can tell you is that all the above – all of it – is the result of elites in power who are viciously ruling over this nation and all others, and these deplorable people tell us, day after day, that they are doing what is right while they legalize their criminality into any laws of their choosing, making legal our misery and demise while paying themselves six, seven, and eight-figure incomes, living in multiple mansions and stem-celling themselves into perfect health while stealing our labors and money, our health, and our ability to experience happiness. And here’s the kicker: Once we can no longer work, pay taxes, and buy from corporations, we will be of no further use to “the community,” and we will be put down just like animals.

Truth hurts…doesn’t it?  Aren't you glad you are a democrat or a republican?

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