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Old or New Paradigms: Same Billionaire Enrichment Program

Old or New Paradigms: Same Billionaire Enrichment Program

Globalism is not based on protecting nature, sorry to burst your bubbles. Globalism is not about global warming, pollution, saving nature, or any other declared or marketed crisis. The sole purposes of global governance is global-scale control of 1) the world’s people through low wage labor, 2) the systematic taking of all global land and water, and 3) control of all natural resources, globally.

Three areas of commerce generate the greatest wealth and create the richest people in the world: all land and water resources, 2) cheap labor in vast numbers and 3) the control of money through centralized banking coupled with Black Markets. These are the generators of the greatest wealth and powers in the world, and they have always been and continue to be the foundational structures of theft-based wealth. When you consider history, any period and any culture or nation, wars are planned to acquire and control additional land and water, additional slave labor forces, and to steal the wealth of the conquered nations(s). Though we are easily manipulated into believing that wars are based in morality, ethics, religion, defense, threats, etc., wars are planned, orchestrated, and initiated to enrich the richest, period. I’ll give you a big head’s up: your televisions and computer news programs lie, much like your governmental school systems, their textbooks, your media venues, your “representatives”, and your leaders. Wars are planned and are strategic economic ventures.

The new and enforced multicultural acceptance, coupled with the global warming/nature crisis/clean energy/melting sea ice reports, which are also beliefs enforced in all school textbooks from Kindergarten through graduate school and throughout all major media organizations are social engineering tactics to prepare the world for a new paradigm. However, the paradigm has nothing to do with nature or multicultural acceptance. The new paradigm is the theft of all global land and water by one-world governance commissions, all central banking systems, all veiled in a manufactured nature crisis, and for the sole purpose of corporations being able to strip mine the world’s land and water resources, whereby seizing global wealth and control. Both governance and all corporate powers know that wealth is based in real estate.

Multiculturalism comes into play because the richest people in the world require massive low-wage labor forces to generate billions in profits. Consider, for example, the profit margins when they stopped paying Detroit auto workers $20.00 to $35.00 an hour and moved operations to Mexico, where for the same labor Mexican workers were paid $1.50 to $2.50 an hour. Then consider twenty years later and the cry for bailouts because they were not making money. That was, no doubt, the most extraordinary lie I had ever encountered in my lifetime. It was absolutely extraordinary, and they laid to waste entire states: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, etc., while the government handed them billions more, enriching key players by ungodly magnitudes. These corporations were, in effect, rewarded for decimating this nation and its people, which was planned.

Consider the global call to worship the nature crisis and to come to nature’s rescue by having Smart Meters control your energy usage, by eating the same genetically modified foods that are killing insects, birds, mammals and farm animals in epidemic proportions, and watching as military jets spray the entire planet with heavy metals and sulfates, dimming the sun’s light, and all of which falling onto the world’s food supply, into the world’s water supply, and upon the entirety of global flora and fauna. We are expected to sacrifice livelihoods, health, property, and lifestyles to a global nature crises, while all of nature is systematically destroyed, even food and water; destroyed by corporations making billions in profits even from nature’s and our rapidly dissolving health. The greed is beyond pathological; it is evil.

We are becoming sick and poor with the rest of the world, while the rich keep getting richer. This is America’s new paradigm; the same paradigm that has always enriched the rich, but with new sciences and technologies to aid their enrichment; this time on a global scale. Nothing, whatsoever, is new in history. Same story, different century, new technologies, identical theft; this time, however, the world’s people know. I have no doubt that new-fangled enforcements are forthcoming. That, too, history guarantees.

My concern is that enforcements may arrive in the form of pandemics as no military force can police seven billion people or an entire nation, but widespread sicknesses, especially contagious sicknesses, can. Equally, global bioweapons’ labs exist for a purpose and are funded to develop super viruses for a purpose, while entire cities and even foster care children, prisoners, and soldiers have been used as guinea pigs for such funded programs. Once again, a forthcoming crisis of planned proportions? According to the CDC and the World Health Organization, such a pandemic is only a matter of time.

The global seed vaults also suggest that planned events are in the works. Check out the known seed vaults, multi-billion dollar insurance policies against botanical holocaust: Svalbard Seed Vault (Norway), Valilov Seed Vault (Russia), National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (United States), and the Millennial Bank (England). Keep in mind that all the above, every bit of it, has been initiated to serve nature, even though nature was just fine before it started being “altered”, genetically modified, sun-blocked, sprayed with heavy metals, sulfates, pesticides, herbicides, depleted uranium, and Agent Orange; all strategically applied by corporations and government. However, you must now worship nature which, in reality, translates to: worship us. I’m sure it must give you great comfort that the richest of the rich keep getting richer. Oh, and one last thing: these very rich people also suggest that the world’s population be massively reduced by 2050. I suggest that their suggestion is more than well underway.

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