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The Dying Strip Mall Called America

The Dying Strip Mall Called America

It is easy enough to blame the ugly nation America has become on corporate-run politicians; a nation identical in ugliness town to town, city to city, state to state, and defined by the identical corporate logos and signs from fast food and chain restaurants, mega-stores, pharmacies, insurance and health care store fronts, and every other business in the nation. Today’s mom and pop shops in fringe neighborhoods, in old and tired buildings that most Americans do not or are afraid to frequent, are rapidly disappearing beneath the costs of zoning and code violations.

Would it not be interesting if Americans simply stopped supporting the corporate monstrosities that made the entire nation the cheap and ugly eye sore it has become? Did we want the familiarity of fast food and mega-stores on every population thoroughfare in every state? Did we want glaring corporation lights illuminating parking lots the size of football fields 24/7, all dominating and misusing natural resources whose costs have become ours to bear? Did we want everything we have, including our food, produced by slaves in Asia, the Mid-East, Indonesia, Mexico, Central and South America? Do we even like this nation?

Ninety-five percent of American churches are corporations funded by the government. All non-profits are government funded, and they, along with the government’s churches, do not pay taxes, again with Americans picking up the slack with new tax burdens such as Obamacare. College and universities, again non-profits, are also non-tax paying government organizations. I find it profoundly interesting and astounding that no one considers such ramifications; government operated churches, public education, higher education, all non-profit organizations all belonging to the government. All the building and properties of these entities are government-funded, owned, and controlled, with all investing the bulk of their budgets in “infrastructure” projects; new buildings and wings, parking lots, electrical and security updates, carpeting, heating and air conditioning systems, communication/technical/hardware/software updates, and new security systems.

All government-funded operations are being “improved” nationwide and all at the same time. Churches, public schools, colleges and universities, and other non-profit organizations—all of them—while we are relentlessly told the government is bankrupt and all the while continuing to dump trillions into military missions worldwide and into America’s new standing armies, the DHS, FEMA, DNR, and all state, city, county, town, and burg law enforcement agencies. How is all of this accomplished in a nation that is supposedly economically destroyed, and why is the government fixing and enhancing all of its real estate, nationwide, and all at the same time?

I am fascinated to drive down any street in the nation and see identical scenarios; identical corporate businesses, old and crumbling streets and roadways, corporate farms, devastated and poverty-ridden small farms, devastated and poverty-ridden middle class neighborhoods, unfinished new housing communities, unmaintained homes, etc., and all contrasted with the manicured lawns and parking lots of public schools, colleges and universities, churches, and all nationwide and international corporate business chains from fast food to hospitals to all the transnational mega-stores.

Our nation has become an ugly place that serves to remind us of the results of profound greed coupled with the profound stupidity of American people. What a bitter pill; what a bitter truth that we only exist to serve greed, and that we willingly do so only to see our nation become the miserable pit it has become, and with the only prettiness, the only aesthetically pleasing aspects being the maintained building, lawns, landscaping and planters of government and corporate real estate. Let us, therefore, assume that all government owned and controlled non-profits will one day be openly confiscated, also taken from the people, and most definitely churches included, keeping in mind that every one of these government owned and operated institutions were forced to adopt and practice lock-down policies; all of which the most improved real estate in all the nation.

All the rest of America is crumbling including American families, jobs and income, belief and faith, ethics and morality, homes, personal automobiles, and particularly national health. The people are becoming as sick as their streets, neighborhoods, and livelihoods, and Obamacare is not helping.

So, whose fault is it, America? Ask yourself that question while handing your debt-based fiat money to the next part-time, minimum wage corporate cashier. Give thanks in your government churches, the ones with gigantic chandeliers, large screen televisions with surround sound audio systems, annual landscaping contracts, and all tax-free. You will pick up the slack with the next Obamacare-type tax.   You will bail out more international corporate giants, the ones with offshored bank accounts and billionaire CEOs. You might, however, want to get a used shovel at a garage sale while they are still legal to fill the foot-wide holes in your streets. Don’t get caught, however. That street belongs to the government. It might even belong to China, and realizing just how ugly America has become, you might perhaps sit in a park across from a university or a church or a fast food restaurant and admire their flowers and manicured lawns. However, do not, I repeat, do not feed the homeless nor trespass on the government’s private property.

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