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Time for a New Leadership Paradigm

Time for a New Leadership Paradigm

The love of money ain’t cuttin’ it. In fact, it has to stop as 1) ninety percent of humanity is robbed and cheated, and 2) the love of money produces criminals and highly paid teams of professional liars and thieves. A whole world of people is and has been suffering. Biological nature is rapidly degrading and suffering. More and more plans are in the works to degrade and control human beings, and we are reaching a point of critical mass.

Senior citizens and school children have been profoundly mistreated, criminally so, by corporate and governance powers that be, and it is only a matter of time before most of humanity will follow suit if not already evident by our epidemic cancers, obesity, major organ failures, old and young-age brain disorders, diabetes, etc. Allowing ourselves to be manipulated, maneuvered, and sickened by psychopaths, paying into their corporate coffers by taking any and all pharmaceutical concoctions, buying and eating their lab-created foods, drinking their peculiar and overly-flavored bottled products, etc., has got to stop. Seriously, enough suicidal behaviors, people, and enough worshipping at the altar of greed. Massive wealth does not equate to benevolence and goodness—particularly when legal and militaristic enforcements command that you believe so.

Everything has worsened, degraded, and sickened under status quo leadership, meaning Trilateral/republican/democrat/global corporate corruption. How can this possibly continue to be ignored? All the money produced in the nation disappears on a daily basis. Guaranteed, it’s still around, but not for you or for the betterment of the nation. And the latest IRS scandal is simply the forerunner to the Fair Tax; the tax that will destroy what is left of you while providing even more legal tax exemptions to corporations, much like carbon credit exemptions. You will be taxed 30% on every item you buy and are charged, like gasoline, natural gas, electric service, Internet, phone, cable and/or satellite services. Every time you pay a bill or buy a pack of gum, add on a 30% tax, which was calculated to the penny to cover the cost of corporate tax exemptions. This is the primary reason for the very public IRS scandal. It is the precursor to and the manipulation of the public to come screaming for the implementation of the Fair Tax.

Until we stop participating in this diabolical circus, we will continue to fail in wealth and health. We must stop worshiping rich people, central banks and fiat money, and we must command that representative heads roll right out of positions of power. We have not been represented for so long that both we and our children have no clue what representative government means. Knowing we cannot make enough money, today we only know to run to the government for help, pretending that slavery does not await us with masters in Armani suits and masters we will never see, know, talk to, or even know their names.

Realizing we have no power whatsoever at the federal level, we must take control of the states and state representatives by forcing their work and actions to our will. This is not a game; we are fighting for the right to live, to be healthy, and to be biological humans. We are fighting for livable wages, which you surely realize are vanishing even for married couples working two, three and four jobs. Never mind the fact that we have purposefully persecuted single mothers for decades. Get ready to live just like they have in this benevolent Christian nation. When the mandatory healthcare premiums befall us, while the government is exempt from the new national healthcare law, our wages are going to crash as this will be the largest monthly bill for most Americans. Then add the Fair Tax. Better buy a tent, quickly, or plan on sharing a house with five or ten other working people. It should be very cool for all those who so admire Third World living, right missionaries? Right, progressives? Oh, sorry…same manipulation, different colored political party, identical results.

Equally devastating will be the day “entitlements” will no longer be funded beginning with eliminating Social Security and Medicare as seniors have no community value and can be drugged to death “humanely”. Then it will hit the nation’s poor like a train wreck; hence, the Department of Homeland Security and, no doubt, a massive national crisis much like a pandemic, which just might act very much like democide.

We need new leadership, because worshipping at the altar of red and blue greed is killing us, and so are our federally complicit stakeholding, partnering churches. We need new leadership there as well.

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