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The Dilemma of Retirement and Eldership

The Dilemma of Retirement and Eldership

Here’s the bottom line: Seniors need to start businesses as it is necessary to remain a taxpayer. Why? Retiring elders who no longer “contribute to the greater good” are slated for early exits from life. Obamacare will not treat your illnesses, and “greater good” means providing taxes to government coffers. As such, seniors need to coordinate, group their talents and knowledge, and they need to start “community” businesses.

Senior citizens have become demonized by media insistence. Accordingly, we are told we are responsible for youth unemployment, younger people’s burden for Social Security, and for causing “unsustainable” costs to the medical industrial complex. The media has pushed this agenda for upwards of two decades, and the only solution, according to our government, is our early demise, which the insurance industrial complex is pushing as 1) over-drugging, and 2) legalization of assisted suicide, the precursor to euthanasia laws such as in Europe. As such, heads up.

The only answer to these unethical and “inexpensive” corporate answers to our existence is to keep producing tax revenues for government coffers so that we become “useful” to “communities”.

If you desire to stay alive after the age of 65, plan on starting a business with your friends and families and being productive taxpayers. Remember that the “affordable” health care laws require annual death meetings with death panel advocates. Retirement is no longer an option if you intend to live to actual eldership, meaning into your eighties. Truth.

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