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Faith and Reason under Billionaire Fascism

Faith and Reason under Billionaire Fascism

Religion and science have fought for mind control for centuries. Religions tell “leaders” to convince flocks of people to their ways of thinking, and science “leaders” do exactly the same, both with unending insistence and indignation and both with unending “ties” to political powers; same old, same old. However, religions and science have new and improved initiatives to spur their fires of righteousness, that of grant-based funding opportunities that are seemingly in endless supply. In fact, such funding presents a fascinating examination of contemporary fascism, its internationalized and massive wealth-building capabilities, and its non-stop funding of these ancient dialectics in action.

Most of the world’s people believe in a deity or multiple deities, which speaks to the power of religious leaders on both large and small scales. Today it is estimated that approximately 2.5% of the world’s people are secular, atheists or agnostics through estimates range as high as 14% in some studies.

Equally, it is reasonable to assume that as science continues to rapidly evolve and transform biological life, beliefs will also transform. “Science” has been hard-sold for many decades as the most important educational knowledge, and the highest paying jobs are those in state-of-the-art sciences and technologies. Science has also been publicly pushed in mass media, particularly marketed to young buyers and users. It is also fair to say that many of the sciences are very, very interesting to say the least…from glow-in-the-dark rabbits to the Mars Rover…“science” never, throughout human history, has lost its mass appeal, nor should it.

The world’s religions have also been mass-marketed, and they have also been wildly successful campaigns. As most of the world’s people throughout history have struggled to survive, have fought ongoing ill-health, diseases, natural disasters, plagues, aging, and inadequate or unreliable food and water supplies, “faith” has remained an essential need and desire imbedded into the human consciousness though some believe “faith” is propagandized while others believe it is an innate human quality. Religious belief has mass appeal, and so it should considering humankind’s behavior problems such as mass-genocides and democide. Religions have always mandated forms of moral and ethical standards, where elites have always financed, championed, and defended human slaughter and theft throughout human history and to this day.

With both dichotomies relegated as historical and ongoing facts in the contention of human reality, the ruling classes used both secular and religious beliefs to their ongoing advantages in efforts to manipulate and control the thinking as well as the social cultures of the masses.

Throughout written history and by funding both sides of the dichotomy, the “war” between reason and faith has been wildly successful in marginalizing dissenting populations. Such is clearly the case today as religious people in both the Mid-East and in western nations have been targeted as “terrorists”, and the secular populations have been governmentally approved as “allowable” in an all-governing global system by ruling elites. Christian “unalienable rights”, Mid-Eastern Islam, and Judaism are belief systems that run contrary to the capitalist-communist system of billionaires safely running the entire world using national politicians and military forces as paid instruments of their policies. They command belief in their superiority and right to rule.

The other problem with the contemporary battle between the religious and non-religious is their scramble for financing as money is now totally and globally controlled by ruling elites and their technological financial apparatuses. People have no actual wealth; only elites have actual wealth in the forms of all natural resources, land, water, technological expertise including military forces, and particularly precious metals, which they have been hoarding for centuries. People have fiat paper and a few semi-precious coins. Global elites have massive and actual wealth, and they equally control the printing of all fiat paper and the minting of coins. They also control all taxation; past, present and future, which is their most accomplished mechanism of human theft. People pay taxes because elites jail them if they don’t.

Elites fund all sciences for human control technologies including food, water, tracking and monitoring, health, drugging, and educational knowledge, which has clearly been a wildly successful investment strategy. They also fund about 95% of churches, particularly in the U.S. and in European nations as well as mosques and militaries in Mid-Eastern nations in order to divide more secular populations from the governmentally-designated terroristic faithful. It is, in fact, the same military strategy that has been used throughout history, targeting the dissenters of governing elites. Using money, they “give them enough rope to hang themselves”, while at the same time designating “enemies of the state” at will. For those who control the world’s wealth, it is a small price to pay for continuity.

What is ultimately pathetic is that science and religion are not, nor should they ever have been, incongruent; some believe, some don’t, as it has always been, but global rule, in its profound arrogance, commands worshipping obedience. Elites, particularly billionaire elites, absolutely believe in their superiority but, more to the point, billionaires require mass slave labor in order to amass and maintain billions of dollars with which to purchase global political support for their ongoing missions and military powers. Sadly, pathetically, sciences and religions as full-fledged stakeholders of the ruling elite drool for grant-funded partnerships in global fascism.

It is extraordinary how simple it is and how clearly the system works. It is dialectical; nothing more, nothing less, and history is chock-full of examples, but somehow humans never comprehend the actual simplicity of power and control. It is just so sad that two of the most powerful human attributes, the desire for God and for discovery, remain at manipulated odds to such a degree that they beg for cash from the very source of global treachery, pathology, and irrationality. Call it whatever you choose to call it, but taking money from and consequentially being controlled by criminal thieves who kill for profit is pathologically immoral, religiously and scientifically speaking. Funded wars, funded hatreds and divisiveness, the creation of legalized theft systems, and barely keeping alive just enough slave laborers to fill their coffers is their endless, endless M.O.

Wake the hell up, do the math, pray for your brains, and open your eyes. A full-fledged communistic fascism is upon you, and it takes no prisoners and allows no dissidence. Check twentieth century history if in doubt, where more people were murdered by dictatorships than in all other wars in history, combined.

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