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Elderly People: The next right to life battle

Elderly People: The next right to life battle

Insurance lobbyists, Obamacare, and horribly many of today’s physicians and “greater good-trained” nurses are calling for the quickest possible death of elderly people. In fact, they are calling for medical care to stop after age 75 even while claiming, due to medical advances, that people are now living into their 90s and 100s. That may be true for stem cell elites, but for the rest of the world’s rabble the fight is on for elderly people’s right to life.

Death with dignity is a very double edged sword because it is psychologically “shrink” wrapped in “humane” marketing. However, no one dies in agony anymore. They are drugged to comatose states long before horrible suffering occurs. Any nursing home or nurse can verify that elderly residents are drugged to drooling long before actual suffering from disease begins. Death with dignity is a political stepping stone to euthanasia, which is what insurance corporations and Obamacare are ultimately after or, in other words, no rights to life.

It has long been noted that defective people are undesired. Human beings, much as in the rest of the animal kingdom, do not like defective “others”. In the animal kingdom, they are commonly killed at birth. Such is now the suggestion of death with dignity, claiming that birth defective people should be eliminated much the same as undesired fetuses. However, it was only last century that the deaf and/or blind, birth marked, albinos, those with cleft lip and palates or Downs syndrome were eliminated at birth in many societies. Many are still killed today. Therefore, it is no leap that eldership is also undesired by societies that value profits over compassion.

There remain cultures that place high values on eldership, but they are waning in number as health insurance continues to march toward universality and all resulting in unimaginable profits. Today, as a result of Obamacare, the entire U.S. population is forced pay an enormous monthly health insurance premium (a mandatory monthly tax paid to the federal government) while those on Medicaid, Medicare and even Obamacare are now being denied medical treatment. Let me make this clear: There is no assurance whatsoever of heath “insurance”. Health care is being eliminated altogether for the sick and defective; Baby Boomers being the current and primary target. On that note, heads up Generation X (those born between 1961 through 1981). The oldest Gen X’ers are entering their mid-50’s, and they, too, are going to live with corporate/government-determined health care refusal and death. You are rapidly next.

Consider the timing and confluence of the following:

1)      Retirement of Baby Boomers, the largest generation

2)      Obamacare, which limits health care for Baby Boomers

3)      Continued pushing back the date of retirement/Social Security (without health care, many will not live to receive Social Security [also forcibly taken from their paychecks much like Obamacare])

4)      The replacement of physician/doctor care with nursing care

5)      Nurse training in assisted suicide and euthanasia

6)      Epidemic Alzheimer’s disease (purposeful overdosing/over drugging and the resulting theft [pharmaceutical profits] of all elderly people)

7)      Health insurance lobbies insisting upon legalized assisted suicide and ultimately human euthanasia (no medical treatment)

8)      No disease cures released minus stem cells (life extension/cures for the very rich only)

These listed realities are obviously not coincidental. There will be no cures released or health care for the masses until the Baby Boomer generation has been assisted into rapid death as insurance agencies do not intend to pay for care minus death with dignity drugs. There is no dignity when dying by profit-based and intended murder.

I do not deny that everyone has the right to decide whether to live or die; everyone minus insurance corporations, doctors, nurses, or hospitals and/or health clinics which all profit from rapid death. If the assisted suicide spokespersons were in it for ethical compassion, inexpensive suicide drugs would be readily available over-the-counter for anyone who chose to partake. The fact that billion-dollar industries are involved in legislating assisted suicide is proof that big profits are at stake. This has nothing to do with ethics even though nurses are trained to believe and disseminate such blatant nonsense. In fact, their callousness is quite remarkable as is their indoctrinated distain for the elderly. Equally, nurses somehow fail to recognize they are being trained to be killers of the elderly to protect physicians, hospitals and nursing care facilities from murder.

We began by killing animals, including feral (free living in nature) animals,—100’s of billions if not trillions of animals---in the name of compassion. We have now expanded that experiment into the intention of killing human being under an umbrella of ethics; all of which total BS. The murder of elderly people is about corporate profits.

Suicide is a personal decision; it is not a legal decision nor should it ever be. People may not like or approve suicide but, ultimately, it is no one’s business. No one should have to ask a doctor to kill them, go through counseling to be judged capable of making this decision, or ask for permission to die. Nor should someone who wants to die have to do so with difficulty. Drugs should be made easily available and without medical or insurance intervention, because no medical or insurance-related corporate entity should have the power to kill people or be excused from doing so. Ethics do not exist in the U.S. over profit-making industries. Refer to human trafficking to fill slave labor sweat shops and privatized prisons for current examples of corporate “ethics”.

Elderly people have every right to life and maximum health care until death do they part. To even suggest otherwise is criminal; a perfect word accompanying the act of First Degree (planned and intended) murder.

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