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The United Nations of America

The United Nations of America


Yes, this was also a conspiracy theory until it wasn’t. Today, the former United (and now thoroughly divided) States of America have silently agreed to the mandates of the United Nations in 1) public and higher education, 2) vegetarianism, 3) the elimination of private property, 4) sustainable development (the elimination of more private property), and 5) the international designation of 100+ million American acres and even entire states. Equally, thanks to NAFTA and CAFTA and with help from the U.N., former international borders are not borders. They are sidewalks between former sovereign nations. We’re all one now, the North American Union, and under the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Health Organization, the BIS, the World Court, the World Trade Organization, the G-8, NATO, and all the multilateral councils and bodies, consultants and experts; all assuring the U.S., without telling the citizens of the U.S., that their missions are near complete within the former United States thanks to their Republican and Democrat partner-representatives.

The U.N. has implanted the new Common Core international education curricula into all U.S. schools and universities, mandated the continued global march toward vegetarianism and the elimination of the cattle and swine industries, it insists upon the elimination of privately owned property, stating that only government can properly “sustain” property for future generations; so much so, in fact, that 47 Biosphere Reserves in the United States have been redesignated by the United Nations as international properties, all with expandable future inclusion acreages called Transition (conservation) Zones and Buffer Zones. Here is the list of the "international" Biosphere Reserves in the U.S.:

Aleutian Islands, AK
Champlain-Adirondack, NY/VT
H.J. Andrews Exp. Forest, OR
New Jersey Pinelands, NJ
Southern Appalachian Mountains, VA, WV, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL
Beaver Creek, AZ
Channel Islands, CA
Hawaiian Islands, HA
Niwot Ridge, CO
Big Bend, TX
Coram, MT
Hubbard Brook, NH
Noatak, AK
Stanislaus-Toulumne, CA
Big Thicket, TX
Denali, AK
Isle Royale, MI
Olympic, WA
Three Sisters, OR
California Coast Ranges, CA
Desert, UT
Jornada, NM
Organ Pipe Cactus, AZ
Univ. of Michigan, MI
Carolinian-South Atl., SC, GA
Everglades, FL*
Konza Prairie, KA
Rocky Mountains, CO
Virgin Islands Nat. Park, St. John and Hassel Islands
Cascade Head, OR
Fraser, CO
Land Between the Lakes, KY/TN
San Dimas, CA
Golden Gate, CA
Glacier, AK
Luquillo, Puerto Rico
San Joaquin, CA
Virginia Coast, VA
Central Gulf Coastal Pln., FL
Glacier Bay-Admiralty Is. AK
Mammoth Cave Area, KY
Sequoia-Kings Canyon, CA
Yellowstone, WY, MT, ID
Central Plains, CO
Guanica, Puerto Rico
Majoave Camp; Colorado Deserts, CA
South Atlantic Coastal Plain, NC

Did I mention the United Nations' World Heritage Sites, also provided to the U.N. by the Federal government? Here is the list:

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site (designated in 1982)
Chaco Culture (1987)
Independence Hall (1979)
La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico (1983)
Mesa Verde National Park (1978)
Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (1987)
Statue of Liberty (1984)
Taos Pueblo (1992)
Carlsbad Caverns National Park (1995)
Everglades National Park (1979)
Grand Canyon National Park (1979)
Great Smoky Mountains National Park (1983)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (1987)
Kluane / Wrangell-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek (1979)
Mammoth Cave National Park (1981)
Olympic National Park (1981)
Redwood National and State Parks (1980)
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park (1995)
Yellowstone National Park (1978)
Yosemite National Park (1984)
Papahānaumokuākea (2010)
Properties submitted on the Tentative List (13)
Civil Rights Movement Sites (2008)
Dayton Aviation Sites (2008)
Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks (2008)
Thomas Jefferson Buildings (2008)
Mount Vernon (2008)
Poverty Point State Historic Site (2008)
San Antonio Franciscan Missions (2008)
Serpent Mound (2008)
Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings (2008)
Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary (2008)
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (2008)
Petrified Forest National Park (2008)

Congress claims it was unaware of these designations at the time of the give-away, beginning in the 1970s. Funny how most American people still have no clue, have never heard of a Biosphere Reserve, or know of one International Historical Site. Feel free to check this out on the United Nations’ web site. It’s always nice to know what your representative government did with your country. You might also want to check out Executive Order 12803. That was also issued 20 or so years ago, which states that all U.S. infrastructure is saleable and/or leaseable to foreign and corporate parties. The E.O. includes all U.S. schools, hospitals, roads, the entire national power grid system, ports, "housing", etc. You might want to know about that, too.  It helps to understand why your national infrastructure is crumbling; it's because foreign owners are not fixing it.

Clearly, we’ve been good U.N. partners in the redistribution of priceless wealth and have complied with the mandate to discontinue private property, even on the national level and in near total secret. No wonder so many foreign nations are piping in about disarming the American people; actually, demanding the disarming of the American people since they own the country. It makes one wonder, however, what else we might not know. Based upon what the “international community” has been given in terms of biosphere reserves and world heritage sites; schools, hospitals, roads, ports and "housing", I’d say we owe nothing to any other nation, and that we are debt-free. It is bothersome, however, that the lifestyles of the citizens continue to degrade, but that the rich keep getting richer. Should their wealth be redistributed as well? And without their knowledge or even their input, and even if it was against the law to do so? No. We the people would never lower ourselves to such criminal behavior…criminal for us, but not for them.

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