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Pray for Peace

Pray for Peace

I just read Darren’s post, “My Christmas Wish”. I, too, had been thinking along the same vein. I found myself tired from cooking today and now finally sitting to reflect on the meaning of this profound day.

We skipped the gifts this year because part-time wages don’t stretch beyond rent, bills, gasoline and food. They simply don’t, but we made a meal—non-traditional—but an entire and very rare meal nonetheless; even a cherry cobbler. Still, these luxuries have nothing to do with the birthday celebration. The special meal is simply a habit of gift opening day, tree day, lights and decorations’ day; the secular “holiday”.

Today we prayed for peace as global war has once again become the answer to the world’s ills created by those in which we are trained to elect and pay( till death do you part). I prayed in amazement and shamed that God would send a sacrificial lamb to cover the human carnage of this world; the violence, torture, hatred, lies and deceit, all of which defining natures of human beings and their desire to slaughter someone. There really are no good people; we are all haters and so easily led to be so. Who did you hate and criticize today, this holy day?

Thank you, God.

We pray for our children.

We pray for peace.

Forgive us.

Thank you, blessed Jesus Christ. 

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