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The Abject Insanity of Aerial Spraying

The Abject Insanity of Aerial Spraying

Throughout written history tyrants have often exhibited, and in contemporary history have been diagnosed with mental disorders. Many have been pathological liars. Many have been sadistic. Many have callously murdered millions, but of greater interest is the common ability of national leaders to skillfully lie to get what they want, the clinical definition of pathological lying.

Both past and current history is chock-full of national leaders who not only starve, mistreat and torture masses of human beings, but they lie to entire nations of people to protect themselves while masking actual deeds and intentions. Politicians lie or tell cryptic truths because they do not operate under the same moral or legal systems as the masses. They absolutely do not nor have they ever been subject to the laws of the masses. Most, due to great wealth, are lawless.

Great wealth coupled with political power is wildly dangerous due to such lawlessness, which often establishes the world’s most dangerous people as leaders. They become paranoid of the masses and consequently purchase and concoct entire legal systems to protect themselves and their power and wealth. Their ability to do so creates omniscient personality disorders whereby they believe themselves to be above others and the law. They believe they must rule with iron fists in order that their powers and wealth are secured. They are, in fact, paranoid, delusional, and often sociopathic.

Great wealth can buy anything, and every human being is vulnerable to the wild power of wealth. If someone offers you five million dollars for a service, you will likely agree to provide that service because wealth not only equates to a sense of safety, but it is also the very definition of success. If you are poor in any nation, you are unsuccessful and, therefore, lesser. Lesser beings are subject to thousands if not millions of laws to keep them safely removed from the delusional fears of those in purchased power, with the greatest fear being that of the discovery of lies which include chronic theft and constant culling of populations.

Average Jane and Joe, who today are diagnosed in record numbers with mental illnesses, are not mentally ill. Most of humanity is not mentally ill. The masses do not equate to mental incompetency. However, looking at many of today’s leaders, one witnesses not only systemic pathological lying, but also chronic morality and ethics violations including all measures of theft and crimes against humanity and sustaining nature. Altering nature, altering food, the mass-drugging of entire segments of society, and commanding their decisions under threats of imprisonment even without lawful charges are abnormal behaviors. Turning their abnormalities around on the masses, calling them mentally incompetent and even criminal, speaks volumes of their emotional and spiritual conditions. As previously stated, they are very dangerous people.

Psychoses in leadership leads to every manner of criminal abuse including genocide and democide, eugenic sterilizations, bioweapons including the purposeful manufacturing of super viruses and other mass-destruction weapons; altering weather, food and water, drugging food and water and, even worse, buying “expertise” to convince people that such crimes are benevolent. When leadership comes to this point, which has been witnessed and experienced in history many, many times, dire consequences involving mass death are imminent. History is history, crazy people are crazy people.

Aerial Stratospheric Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, chemtrails, call them what you will, are without fail indicators of mental instability in leadership. Creatures do not piss in their water bowls nor do they intentionally destroy their sustenance. Today all of biological life, flora and fauna, food, global watershed systems, and the very air itself is under the perpetrated attack of people in positions of power and who have unlimited access to billions if not trillions of dollars. In their contempt of humanity, and in attempts to depopulate the earth of the masses they fear, they spray the world using high flying jets, treating the world’s people like insects.

After denying aerial spraying for decades, as if the world’s people could not see, they were finally forced to invent a cover story, particularly when the entire world was witnessing mass extinctions of plants and animals, droughts, and forest fires unlike anything ever witnessed in human history. They had to make benevolent their malevolence and in doing so hired “experts” to mouth just reasons for this extermination. “We are trying to cool the planet.” Wow…that’s not even a good lie. Here is why.

Having raped the planet of most above-ground wealth, the future natural resource loot today lies beneath ground and water. The powers that be know where all mineral, gas and oil wealth is located, globally. As the “powers” are today corporate world governors who have robbed the world’s people of their labors and wealth, their powers are unimaginable. There is nothing these handfuls of people cannot buy, and what they want—all of them—they do not want to share with the global masses, most of which in dire straits, starving and drought and disease-ridden, most. However, the masses did not used to be starving, drought and disease-ridden by today’s standards and numbers. They have had a lot of help getting to such declining states and numbers.

Aerial spraying began in the 1940s, 70+ years ago, and in 70 years, all of nature and humanity’s health has been in steady and very rapid decline. Simply said, when you “change” the weather and block sunlight, you are pissing in biological life’s water bowl. When you intentionally perform such insanity on a daily basis for decades, death occurs; the death of potable water, the death of oxygen-producing plants and water, the contamination of all food sources both plant and animal, and the death of people as so notable in the epidemics of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, chronic respiratory illnesses including epidemic asthma; epidemic liver and kidney failures and cancers of every make and measure; all of which extremely rare prior to aerial spraying.

The spraying campaigns gave birth and rise to the necessity of heavy metals-resistant seeds; hence the rise of chemical use and corporations like Monsanto; all a direct result of poison contamination of natural, biological systems. Blocking the sun on a sun and water-based planet is nothing shy of lunacy, and this lunacy has one result, death, which is absolutely known by geoengineers, chemists, university researchers, and their grant funding sources. Aerial spraying results are so understood and predetermined that the powers that be funded the building of global seed vaults, knowing full well that nature was and is, in fact, dying.

Another clear indication of the insanity of this initiative lies in the fact that the highly funded transhumanism movement seeks to replace biological bodies with robot machines encasing genetically enhanced and chimeric brains. The trajectory indicates that biological humanity is intended for extermination in favor of machines that do not require nature for sustenance; hence, the planet can be strip-mined at will. Costly biological humans, in effect, are desired as expendable, particularly when they realize on a global level that they are being exterminated.

In absolute truth and fact, Aerial Stratospheric Geoengineering is the result of immorality coupled with lunacy. The “right to life” has moved far, far beyond conversations on abortion, the elderly, the chronically ill, and criminality. It has moved into the all-encompassing realm of biological life itself and the entirety of nature’s global ecosystems. Lunacy is, in fact, reigning upon the earth.

Finally, consider well commanded global water emergencies. We are told there is not enough water for the world’s people…on a planet mostly covered with water...but with the most populated areas in the world besieged by droughts for half a century. No water = no food. Then consider the starvation of hundreds of millions of people in Africa, India and throughout Asia, the most populated centers on earth. Coincidence? No, in fact. Geoengineers have noted in their now infamous commentaries about “global winners and losers” that Africa, India and Asia suffer droughts caused by aerial spraying, as if these people were acceptable losses and as if weather control was not a highly effective depopulation weapon. It certainly is.

When humans purposefully destroy their only means of survival, insanity is the only possible diagnosis. Normal living things do not destroy their sustenance. As such, we have a leadership problem which necessitates immediate action, globally, before we are too poisoned to respond. Truth hurts, I know.

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