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S.A.G.E.: Seniors Against GeoEngineering

S.A.G.E.: Seniors Against GeoEngineering

All senior citizens are needed now more than any time in human history. We are needed because we remember nature when it was operating and functioning normally. All of us well know that, today, something horrible has happened to the out-of-doors.

We remember when insects were so prolific that both we and our parents had to scrape them off windshields and grills every time we drove automobiles during the spring and summer months. We remember battling June bugs to get into our houses at night and veritable swarms of flies, gnats, fish flies, and crickets.

We remember the bird migrations, millions of birds. We also remember blue skies and natural clouds of massive and majestic beauty. We remember lightning storms with one or two strikes at a time instead of non-stop horizon to horizon electricity storms.

We remember the noisy sound of summer evenings; bull frogs, crickets, katydids and cicadas, and the variety and constant fluttering of moths of every size and shape. We remember dragon and damsel flies, Luna moths, walking sticks, bumble bees, honey bees, wasps, hornets, locusts, and cicada shells on pine trees. We remember many types and colors of caterpillars, tiny inch worms and Roly-Poly pill bugs.

We remember very wet morning and evening dew, lush, damp forests, mushroom, toad stools, and wildflowers of every kind and color, but today’s younger people do not know any of these wonderful things because they no longer exist.

Most has been lost to profound and endless aerial spraying, geoengineering, and what has been lost in nature is very real and very much gone. What we remember is important, and we must relay to the world what has been lost so that people comprehend the dramatic and frightening alteration of life in two or three generations, which, today, has led to the ongoing extinction of 200 species per day.

Fish, crustaceans, sea mammals, forest creatures including mammals, birds, and many other life forms are becoming extinct, which leads to one indication, being that we are next, and all human health indicators are also clearly pointing to newly evolved diseases that are 1) decimating older brains, 2) damaging young children’s brains, 3) damaging livers and kidneys in epidemic numbers, 4) and causing frightening emotional and behavioral changes in people. Only we are left to report with accuracy the changes that have occurred on this planet, and we must speak up, teach, inform, and we must advocate for the immediate ceasing and desisting of aerial spraying and of the HAARPing of the ionosphere.

Please contact your community churches, universities, professors, high/middle/elementary schools, men’s and women’ clubs, sportsmen and women’s clubs, scouting organizations, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc. Offer presentations, lectures, talks, panel discussions, and public documentary viewings about what we knew and what we now see and do not see. Senior citizens must become involved in the effort to stop the poisoning of the earth because we must not take the memories of actual nature to our graves. Please help to affect and educate every person in your communities so that our outcries are heard. Find many educational materials at

Please become activists in this effort, because what is being sprayed is destroying biological life, including people. Your knowledge and memories are important beyond comprehension. Share them with the world. Your wisdom is needed now more than ever.

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