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Leadership: Power, Wealth and Instability

Leadership: Power, Wealth and Instability


Throughout written history tyrants have often exhibited, and in contemporary history have been diagnosed with mental disorders. Many have been pathological liars. Many have been sadistic. Many have callously murdered millions, but of great interest is the common ability of national leaders to skillfully lie to get what they want, the clinical definition of pathological lying.

Both past and current history is chock-full of national leaders who not only starve, mistreat and torture masses of human beings, but they lie to entire nations of people to protect themselves while masking actual deeds and intentions. Politicians lie or tell cryptic truths because they do not operate under the same legal systems as the masses. They absolutely do not, nor have they ever been subject to the laws of the masses. Most, due to great wealth, are lawless.

Great wealth coupled with political power is a wildly dangerous due to such lawlessness, which often establishes the world’s most dangerous people as leaders. They become paranoid of the masses and consequently purchase and concoct entire legal systems to protect themselves and their power and wealth. Their ability to do so creates omniscient personality disorders whereby they believe themselves to be above others and the law. They believe they must rule with iron fists in order that their powers and wealth are secured. They are, in fact, paranoid, delusional, and often sociopathic.

Great wealth can buy anything, and every human being is vulnerable to the wild power of wealth. If someone offers you five million dollars for a service, you will likely agree to provide that service because wealth not only equates to a sense of safety, but it is also the very definition of success. If you are poor in any nation, you are unsuccessful and, therefore, lesser. Lesser beings are subject to thousands if not millions of laws to keep them safely removed from the delusional fears of those in purchased power, with the greatest fear being that of the discovery of lies which include chronic theft of the masses.

Average Jane and Joe, who today are diagnosed in record numbers with mental illnesses, are not mentally ill. Most of humanity is not mentally ill. The masses do not equate to mental incompetency. However, looking at many of today’s national leaders, one witnesses not only systemic pathological lying, but also chronic morality and ethics violations including all measures of theft and crimes against humanity. Altering nature, altering food, the mass drugging of entire segments of society, and commanding their decisions under threats of imprisonment even without lawful charges are abnormal behaviors. Turning their abnormalities around on the masses, calling them mentally incompetent and even criminal, speaks volumes of their emotional and spiritual conditions. As previously stated, they are very dangerous people.

Psychoses in leadership leads to every manner of criminal abuse including genocide and democide, eugenic sterilizations, bioweapons including the purposeful manufacturing of super viruses, altering food and water, drugging food and water and, even worse, buying “expertise” to convince people that such crimes are benevolent. When leadership comes to this point, which has been witnessed and experienced in history many, many times, dire consequences involving the mass death of innocent people is imminent. History is history, crazy people are crazy people.

Tragically and throughout human history, very small groups of people enact heinous and vicious schemes and policies against whole nations of people, and they play out their crimes by forcing others to perform their violent deeds. This is often accomplished with military systems they themselves raise and pay and train to hate and kill. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Mugabe, Milosevic, Amin, Mobutu, Hussein, Duvalier, and Pinochet, are but to name a few, all but two within my lifetime. The wakes of terror and inhumanity left by such leaders are incomprehensible, yet their legacies continue to inspire new generations and breeds of terroristic leaders, all dictators. They all lead by hatred, threat, theft, and death.

It is best to keeps one’s eyes and brains wide open when it comes to leadership as power corrupts to such a degree that morality is easily lost. When leaders begin the tell-tales signs of over-mastering nations of people, enforcing unreasonable limits which endanger innocent people, and when they rapidly enact and enforce unreasonable and/or unusual laws, vicious history can and will repeat. No one is safe when power-crazed sociopaths take the helm of a nation, and they always surface during times of economic crises when people are vulnerable, weakened and suffering. With way too many changes force-enacted upon too many people in too many nations, heads up, world. The time is ripe for lunacy, and the wealthiest powers are leading, stealing, and enforcing their wills. Heads up.

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