Nancy Levant

The BIG Crisis is Coming

The BIG Crisis is Coming


All we can say at this point in history is that tens of thousands of “conspiracy theorists” tried to speak to the U.S. and to the world. Tens of thousands of writers, broadcasters and researchers actually did the work, the reading, the searching, the investigating; all to share and try to awaken the masses of the world’s people to the heinous crimes and the pathology of the world’s power mongers. Most would not listen, but many, many people awakened from their tell-a-visioning, gaming, and online shopping hypnoses and from the bizarre instinct to refuse self-preserving truth. However, and in spite of all efforts, we are in terrible trouble.

Here is reality, whether you like it or not, care to discuss it or not, or care to insult the messenger; this reality stands:

• FEMA, the DHS, foreign troops (350,000 +), the CDC, and Region 3 law enforcement agencies are together preparing for something very big. On order are millions of doses of antibiotics, tens of millions of MREs and MRE heaters, millions of boxes or packages of emergency water, millions more rounds of ammo and also more armored vehicles—all to be readied in FEMA Region 3 by October 1.

• There has been an emergency meeting called by the CDC regarding the MERS Corona virus, which is largely deadly.

• Obama wants to bomb another country, Syria, without congressional oversight, and once again using the weapons of mass destruction argument where no one appears to be allowed to even investigate the claims. Ninety-one percent of U.S. citizens do not want this strike on Syria, and Obama has stated that he is willing to stand alone on his decision to strike, even without allied back-up, congressional approval, and against the will of the nation’s people.

• Russia, China, and many Mid-Eastern nations have warned the U.S. not to attack Syria, and they have all stated there would be dire consequences for doing so. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded for absolutely nothing, is today a repulsive reminder of the sick joke of this presidency and a sold-out congress.

• The entire Pacific Ocean is currently poisoned by radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant; the ENTIRE western coastline and ALL Pacific Rim nations, keeping in mind that ALL oceans are connected and that this has not yet been declared a national emergency.  When it does, however, be prepared for enforced "relocations".

• A North American Union power grid “drill”, including the U.S., parts of Mexico and Canada, has been scheduled for mid-November, which could lock down U.S. children in schools, people in their places of employment, suspend all transportation, close down all access to food, and require the entire nation to “shelter in place” without access to electricity, water or heat; this six weeks prior to mandatory “affordable” payments to the feds beginning for so-called healthcare.

• Homelessness has now become illegal in most U.S. cities as well as a diagnosed mental illness.

Keep telling yourselves it is all a conspiracy theory. Everything is just fine, all you part-time, minimum wage welfare recipients. Everything is just friggin’ great.

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