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Strategic Emergent National Crises

Strategic Emergent National Crises

Here’s the list:

·         Fukushima

·         Reported “atmospheric events” causing tsunamis, electrical catastrophes, and/or  radiation contamination

·         Earthquakes

·         Geoengineering and HAARPing

Today, we have radiological contamination on the entire Pacific West Coast, which is spreading across the nation both in airborne and ocean currents all the way to the East Coast. We have Heartland earthquakes in places unknown to such activity, but particularly along the New Madrid fault line and regularly on the San Andreas and other faults in California and Alaska ( Interestingly, and six months after the fact, we also have a suspected “atmospheric event” suddenly reported and believed to have caused a tsunami in New Jersey last June 13th.

And, in case you didn’t know, “Russians have acknowledged the detonation of a nuke 500 miles off the cost of South Carolina. The US military detonated the nuke along with the intended message that the subjugation, occupation and destruction of this country is far from complete. This would explain why Senator Lindsay Graham looked like a proverbial deer in the headlights as he incoherently proclaimed that if we did not go to war with Syria, a nuclear bomb would be exploded in Charleston Harbor, SC. Clearly, Graham found out what was unfolding and was shaken to his core.”

We are in the midst of near-catastrophic events on the West Coast, within the Heartland, Southern and East Coasts. We have more and more foreign venues in which we are involving our military overseas, and we have reports that foreign troops are in Tennessee and many other locations across the nation.

Then there is the endless, non-stop and global aerial spraying (global warming) coupled with the super-heating of the atmosphere (HAARP global warming), which both are creating “atmospheric events” including the destruction of the ozone, mass electrical nightmares in the atmosphere, on the ground and in animals, and with HAARP also fully capable of causing earthquakes…humm.

If I were you, I would have more than a “bug-out bag.” Remember that the elite have global seed vaults, stocked underground compounds, multiple homes all over the world, and private airplanes. Since 80 to 90% of the American people don’t want to hear about this “stuff” and, therefore, won’t, let the 10 or 20% prepare and with everybody grouping up. Also, not outside of the realm of possibility are grid failures and pandemics, guaranteed by the DHS and the CDC...guaranteed.

When multiple crises converge, which is guaranteed, martial law will absolutely ensue; that long planned and practiced imposition of military powers due to crises and the one and only reason for all the militarization of homeland troops, peace officers, hired military groups, FEMA, etc. At that point, all communications will cease for quite some time as will food deliveries to stores, water to homes, employment and travel. You have kids, parents and grandparents? Think smart. Hundreds of millions of people are refusing to think at all, so you best think that through. It’s coming, folks. It’s close.

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