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In the Midst of Human Culling

In the Midst of Human Culling

The entire planet is covered in toxic and poisonous heavy metals, sulfates, and bio-polymers from climate engineering/geoengineering/chemtrails. The entire planet is radiated from 70 years of nuclear weapons testing, leaking nuclear power plants, depleted uranium, and other “accidents” which have exposed every living thing on the earth to constant deadly radiation levels.

Brain, respiratory, and major organ diseases are epidemic, globally. Drought is epidemic, globally. Food has become deadly, globally, and entire food groups are rapidly collapsing, globally. All Pacific Ocean fish and mammals are contaminated, sick and dying in epidemic numbers; some near total extinction. Chickens are sick and dying, globally. Pigs are dying, globally. Salmon are dying. Cows are sick and drugged. Birds and insects are dying in epidemic numbers, globally. U.S. West Coast produce is dying from drought and water tampering, oranges are dying from “viruses”; corn, soybeans, wheat, canola and other cash crops are inedible for humans and animals, and natural forest berries that feed both humans and animals are dying in epidemic numbers, globally. Forests are burning in the tens of millions of acres, globally. Water is being privatized, controlled, and redirected, globally, and farm and grazing land is being confiscated, globally. Plants and animals, as well as humans, have been genetically altered, globally.

Trafficked humans, children and incarcerated people are replacing wage-based jobs while gardening is criminalized, heating with wood is criminalized, off-grid living is criminalized, and eldership is criminalized. Money has been taken from the masses while the government feeds and houses one-third to one-half of the people living in the “richest” nations in the world, which are also the most bankrupt nations in the world. The same nations have force-drugged the masses with pharmaceuticals while at the same time flooded the major population centers with “recreational” drugs and illegal guns. Addiction is normal, mental illness is normal, sickness is normal, unemployment and poverty is normal, and criminality in society and in government is normal.

Last century, human culling took approximately 250,000,000 lives. This century will take billions and billions of lives if not most. The Chinese are living in near-total deadly air and factory pollution as are Americans and Canadians from geoengineering and radiation poisoning. Cambodia and Viet Nam are still wholly contaminated from Agent Orange and Napalm spraying. The Mid-East is contaminated from decades of war spraying. All of these substances remain air, soil and water-bound, and they are increasing every single day as aerial spraying and radiation leaks are ongoing, globally.

Children are addicted and brain damaged. Elders are addicted and brain damaged. Young adults are dying in epidemic numbers. Human reproduction is collapsing due to enforced vaccines and pharmaceuticals, and cancer rates and liver and kidney failures are epidemic, globally. The mental health pharmaceutical industrial complex is creating unstable drug addicts out of one-quarter or more of the people in western nations, children included, while vitamins and supplements are being outlawed through Codex Alimentarius.

The world’s masses have been redefined as “domestic terrorists”, globally, while war and the death of civilian populations remains the targeted goal of the global military industrial complex.

Schools are privatizing and becoming corporations for specialized and targeted skills, while education for the masses is ending and replaced with incarcerated and “volunteer” free-labor forces.

Seniors are aided in rapid death enforced by insurance corporations, carried out by nurse practitioners so hospitals and physicians are held unaccountable, and euthanasia clinics for the elderly 1) take seniors’ remaining wealth via reverse mortgages, and then 2) carry out the federally mandated “end of life” plan called Alzheimer’s euthanasia/drug overdosing.

Self-protection is rapidly being criminalized, pet ownership is being criminalized, freedom of speech, to assemble, to protest, to have access to information…on and on… is criminalized, while humanity is being systematically and rapidly sickened and eliminated, globally.

Human health has been taken. Healthy air, food and water have been taken. Sobriety has been taken. The ability to earn livings has been taken. Cognitive ability has been taken, and sickness and starvation, globally, is ensuing at the speed of sound.

As all continues to be revealed and humanity finally see it for what it is, we can expect a “global catastrophe” to blame for all the above. Yes, we know that, too, but we may be incapable of fighting back. Sickness and starvation is going to get far worse than anything the world has ever known. The ones who may survive will be necessarily altered humans, but for the world’s masses, the culling rapidly ensues. No doubt, it will be interesting to see who or what is blamed for the near-extinction of humankind and the world’s biological life. Let us hope and pray justice prevails as, clearly, none of the above is by accident.

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