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The Laundering Game: Make Something Illegal, Grow Laundering (Banking) Profits

The Laundering Game: Make Something Illegal, Grow Laundering (Banking) Profits


When alcohol was illegal, gangsters became wildly rich and took over entire cities, law enforcement agencies, judges and politicians. When drugs became illegal, cartels did the very same but spread into multi-national positions of power. When human trafficking followed the same black market business models, corporations became involved to exploit the cheapest and largest possible labor forces. When weapons of every make and measure became black market commodities, the entire world including banks, billionaires, corporations, governments, law enforcement, cartels, and military contractors grew and established the military industrial complex, the wealthiest banks in the world with the largest depositors, and the transnational economics of ongoing warfare.

Herein lies the actual reason for the desire to make firearms illegal in the U.S. and why drugs and human trafficking have never nor ever will be stopped; it’s called billions, if not trillions in financial deposits, tax-free profits, and secretive business partnerships between governments, corporations, billionaires, and global suppliers.

The black market is the foundation of extreme wealth and power and why illegalities now flourish in international and national governance including financial industries. Illegal commodities are today the most profitable business ventures in the world. Keep in mind that the world’s people can be arrested for absolutely any reason and without charges, and they can be indefinitely detained and put away for any desired reason while actual criminals run the world and invent any and all accommodating laws into existence. This is the reality of pathological greed. This is, in fact, global reality; banking and governments most assuredly included. All things illegal are the backbones of and tickets to globalized power and wealth.

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