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Preach Benevolence, Legislate Total Domination

Preach Benevolence, Legislate Total Domination

The government is bi-polar in its tenor, and it is losing ground and credibility with each passing day. It preaches false niceness in the form of multiculturalism while it enables for-profit private prison systems to make billions from the incarceration of people of color. Sorry, folks, but Kanye West is right on the money, and I am grateful for his bravery.

Our government preaches the humanity of sacrificing legal rights for a mythical “greater good” and “security”, which only serves to nail down dictatorial powers over the people while it preaches a political correctness in all aspects of life solely to ensure compliance with this dictatorship that represents and ensures corporate and central banking theft. I cannot emphasize the importance of this understanding for the “ecology-minded”. The nature you hope to protect is being systematically and, I’m afraid, permanently destroyed under the guise of “ecology”. Beneath this disguise is land theft, water theft, food theft, and animals dying off in epidemic proportions; all for corporate profits. There is a HUGE difference between conservation and “ecology”. You must get this through your heads. You have been horribly, grossly manipulated.

Then comes the left punch and with it unconscionable laws against the people including but not limited to the Patriot Act, the NDAA, Martial Law Executive Orders, the raising of a homeland military force, foreign troops operating with the homeland forces, and increasingly hostile law enforcement. One might get the idea that the American people have become terrorists to such parties. How we did this, I do not know, but perhaps we should be asking the question.

Since the government now represents corporations both national and transnational, and since “transparency” is a fabrication and lie of unimaginable proportions, we necessarily became enemies of the state of corporate governance, the governance that intends to claim the entire planet as their private property while we have one and only one function; to work for the Corporate Governance Corporation as law abiding slaves. Get this through you heads quickly: Every time the government gets caught in another public scandal and illegality, the people lose more rights and become more demonized, also publicly. The whole world believes American people are devils. This is not by accident.

Total domination also includes what we will eat, what we will weigh, what we will ingest in the form of enforced pharmaceuticals and GMO experiments, and how we will interact with “data” or information, such as with enforced use of library databases for students while books are disappearing from bookstores and libraries all across the nation. It is called controlled information. It has also been called “Outcome-Based”, “No Child Left Behind”, and today “Common Core” education. It is about socially engineering/molding the opinions of students. It is called enforced propaganda.

Domination also factors in altering human beings into selected groups; those who will be enhanced and allowed to reproduce, and those who will be diseased and disallowed reproduction with governing bodies including insurance corporations determining how to separate the two. We are being systematically and scientifically evaluated and sorted for 1) accelerated death, or 2) continuance and enhancement of designated elite populations. All senior citizens are sorted into category 1.

Equally, we are totally dominated by the side show called red and blue aisle politics. While we the rabble point fingers across the aisle, blaming political colors for the nation’s nightmare, the red and blue laugh at our ongoing ignorance knowing full well they are partners in all crimes against the people and all of nature. They could care less living in their mansions in the Hamptons as Kanye so aptly reminds us. Washington D.C. is the Corporate Governance Corporation; nothing more, nothing less.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are standing at the one point on a plane of radical choice, and there is only one answer. We have to step off this point of no return. We cannot continue to participate in this immoral game of no chance. They have taken our land, jobs, homes, futures, and health, and they are not going to stop. Equally, they are rapidly maneuvering total control over fresh water. When you couple that kind of power with weather control/geoengineering, our vulnerability to total slavery is complete. You can continue to call red or blue benevolent, moral, ethical or any other terms of endearment, but you are going to lose…everything.

When they collapse the dollar, which is forthcoming and well planned, the poorest people in the U.S., the people of color in the urban centers, are going to suffer unspeakable nightmares. Equally blindsided will be the upper middle-classes who have always been targeted by the government, but who steadfastly refused to believe such. Hear me when I say that only the wealthiest Americans will survive the crash. Everyone else is going to be low or no-wage slaves. Why you cannot see this, when the entire rest of the world lives it, is simply beyond comprehension.

Governance is about domination. Never in human history has governance been benevolent. The closest humankind ever came to benevolent government was the U.S. Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. It needed and still needs a few word additions, like “All men and women of all races are created equal..”, but today we are witnessing total domination of humanity unfolding before our eyes and coupled with weapons systems that are unimaginable in power and scope, many of which I’m quite sure we don’t even know exist.

The American billionaires and their government representatives remain very worried about firearms, which tells you they are worried about their security, even with their militias and private bodyguards. We, however, must worry about super viruses and other bio-threats, and also weapons in space and nukes. They want to win very badly, but they cannot win without slaves. That is our ace in the hole. Our participation in this immoral system must stop. We must, so to speak, break the banks. I really don’t know how to do it; I am one person, but together we are many, and we are many with the world’s people. The others, however, are the fewest of the few. They dominate us through the theft schemes they have legalized on their behalf, and they refuse to prosecute even their most known and obvious criminals. Instead, they criminalize us. We have to quit playing along and declare our independence from dictatorship. There is no other answer. Pray for guidance.

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