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Passive Prison: Sorting and Ranking Americans

Passive Prison: Sorting and Ranking Americans


Elderly people have been mostly relocated into senior care centers or senior housing or retirement villages. All of these housing options are controlled and patrolled. Most senior citizens are drugged with 10 to 20 pharmaceutical substances on a daily basis, and they are a wholly data based population.

All working people are data based according to occupation, educational level, certifications and licensure, and their whereabouts are known AND their places of employment are required to have government lock down policies in place. They are designated as “human resources” and are required to constantly re-train and re-certify as “qualified” resources.

University students are federally funded, and their places of employment, living quarters, and locations are known and data based. Universities also require health profiling classes, where students’ blood types, weights, endurance abilities, eating habits, and overall health are profiled and uploaded to government data bases. It is possible that their blood samples are also provided to governing agencies for DNA identification.  Most live on campuses with mandatory lock down policies.

Career college students are federally funded, and their places of employment and locations are known and data based. They are trained for low-wage corporate labor forces, and they are known to be financially incapable of home ownership and automobile loans. Their debt-to-income ratios automatically disqualify them from both.  Lock down policies are mandatory in all colleges.

Criminals are data based and their locations are known. Today they are often used as “useful idiots” by many government departments to avoid incarceration and to earn money. They are often diagnosed as mentally ill and are denied gun ownership.

Inmates are data based and their locations are known. They work as free labor for prison corporations and in exchange are given free meals, free medical care and drugs, free educations, and free entertainments. They are designated as mentally ill, and many are force or suggestively sterilized. Most upon release from prisons will not be employable due to mental illness and criminality designations. The prison system is the originator of "lock down" policies.

Foster children are data based and their locations are known in licensed foster care homes. They are experimental populations for the pharmaceutical industry, and upward of 95% of these children are drugged on a daily basis. They are also designated as mentally ill populations and under total control of the government.

School children are data based and their locations are known due to enrollment into government schools. Their entire health background, vaccine schedules, and parental history are also data based. Teachers and school advocates make recommendations to community mental health stakeholders and partners to drug approximately one-quarter to one-third of all students in each school, and most of these students are poor to lower middle class students, and particularly targeted are children of single mothers. All students’ grades are data based, and online student “interest” and mental health questionnaires are data based and uploaded to other government databases.  School children have lock down parties in their schools.

All people seeking medical care by private physicians or community clinics are data based. Weights and BMI indexes, blood types, DNA, medical conditions, pharmaceutical regimens, home locations, work locations; all data based and uploaded to government data bases.

All people who have been diagnosed with any condition listed in the DSM-V are data based. This now includes people who are over-weight and children who throw temper tantrums among many other false diagnoses. Today nearly 30% of American people have been diagnosed with one or multiple mental illnesses, all of which disqualified for firearm ownership.

People of any faith are required to provide names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to their churches, mosques, temples or other places of worship under the guise of “telephone directories”. However, this information is also required by grants that fund all 501(C)3 religious organizations, which are corporate entities funded by the federal government (Faith-Based).  Churches also practice lock downs with children's overnight lock down parties.

All non-profit organizations (partners and stakeholders), which are all funded by federal and state governments, are required to report all client information to their funding sources, all data based information.

All automobile drivers are required to be licensed, vision-tested and insured as government privileged drivers; all information data based.

All bank accounts are data based, and the financial histories of all Americans are retrievable by the US Treasury Department and law enforcement under the Patriot Act.

All voters who use electronic voting booths are data based.

Any American receiving welfare, social security, disability, student loans, or any other government money is constantly tracked, data based, located and controlled by government.

What does it all mean? Every person’s life information in the United States, from birth to death, is tracked, ranked, sorted, and saved in data bases. It means that privacy is non-existent and that every American is scored; a direct link to their future economic status. In effect, this is an electronically determined caste system. Most will never be “successful” while the fewest of the few will rise above the rest, just as we have steadfastly witnessed with the elimination of the middle class and the one percent’s control over the wealth and government of the United States.

It is an electronic sorting system that determines who is criminalized, who is mentally ill, who remains on the welfare coffers by determining who is and is not permitted employment, and ultimately, when the Affordable Health Care Act kicks in with its Death Panels, data based information will also determine who lives and dies, and these determinations will be made by the one percent who somehow manage to have perfect “ranking” scores.
America has become a passive prison without walls. You simply can't say it isn't so.

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