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How and Why Women Must Help This Culture

How and Why Women Must Help This Culture

Considering the moral, ethical and heretical conditions of government, education, the church, and family, everyone needs to sprint up to the nation’s plate, and women can and must play a key role. For decades American women have allowed themselves to be culturally manipulated and bullied into very dangerous and foolish positions. We believed ourselves to be liberated as badly paid laborers, the world came to see us as trash, and men and children came to see us as disposable and often bad mothers. The problem with all of the above is that all are and continue to be true. Truth hurts.

As a cheaper labor force than men, American women were sought as such under the guise of corporate liberation. Then when corporations found cheaper labor in the exploitation of Third World women and children, we were, with American men, let go in favor of over sea’s sweat shop laborers. Equally, mass media decided to portray American women as ignorant whores and continues to do so, making us all look like freaks to the rest of the world. Sadly, we decided to mimic the whore fashion industry, even dressing our children as such. Brilliant…

Then we decided to have children out of wedlock in the tens of millions, consequently enslaving ourselves to welfare and/or poverty and at the same time allowed our children to run through the culture like alley cats. We fell into the trap of “no fault” divorce and opted for multiple men hopping; again condemning ourselves, our children, our reputations, our moral conditions, and our spirits to poverty.

At the same time the government became devoted to billionaires and pathological greed and started paying the church to follow suit. In essence, both government and the church are now heretical; both leading a nation financially and morally poverty-stricken and both refusing to correct their wicked ways. Nice job, leaders.

As such, the people must decide whether to continue with the culture’s trajectory and follow heretics, allowing ourselves to wallow further into the slime of much perpetrated corruptions of every conceivable notion, or whether to take back the dignity of moral and ethical living. It is a lifestyle choice after all.

I really do not know how to address the spiritual leadership failures of men as the failures are so all encompassing that I, frankly, would not know where to begin. But as a woman, I do see areas where we can make a difference by making a few changes and commitments. First, as women are biologically so, it is time for us to readdress and organize the actual, truthful needs of ourselves and our families. American women are burnt out. They have been overworked for upwards of fifty years, working full-time jobs as under paid laborers and full-time jobs in the home. We have not managed to become better paid, equally paid and, as a result, our families have suffered from our absence and without financial benefits.

Our children are mostly techno-addicts, improperly dressed, rude and ill-mannered, tattooed and pierced, overweight, and under-educated. All they want to do is exactly what they want to do. They just want and want, stupidly. Equally, they are not expected to grow up. They are, in fact, encouraged to remain children well into their twenties which, frankly, is very peculiar and anti-biological. Many are well satisfied to remain supported by their parents while continuing to act like spoiled American children who complain about not getting what they want when they want it, and then blaming parents for not having what they want and all being mostly undeserved.

Our absence from the home has led to boredom and unhappiness in both children and men, and the physical home has suffered. Where homes used to be clean, scented with cooked foods, and places of enjoyment and refuge after work and school, today’s homes are angry, competitive, full of cursing and swearing, full of blaming for work not accomplished, and full of people who refuse to help because they want to watch TV and feel entitled to laziness and service. Such is the condition of the standard American home. However, when parents and particularly mothers were respected, this was not the case.

In my childhood home, I never heard a cuss word, ever. My mother greeted her children and husband every day with hugs and kisses when we returned from school and work, seriously. When my father returned home from work at 5:30 p.m., we sat to eat a cooked dinner by 5:45, seriously. We talked and laughed at the dinner table, and we all went outside to do outside chores every night after dinner, together. Our house was beautiful, clean, and the people in the house were happy, secure, healthy, and respectful of one another. This was a result of our mother, who 1) chose to be a lady, 2) chose to create a happy and beautiful atmosphere for her family, and 3) expected manners, intelligence, and accomplishment from her children. She was a role model. She was not a crass cow or an addict or a whore or a cheap labor force. She was a happy woman. She did not work two full-time jobs or three part-time jobs. She worked one full-time job caring for a house, four children, and a husband who worked outside of the home his entire life supporting his family.

Sadly, it is next to impossible to be such in a culture that encourages women not to raise their children, but simply to give them whatever they want. Today’s offspring are far more likely to criticize mothers than to respect them. Many children, in fact, do not like their mothers at all because they have no respect for them. Equally, many mothers today do not really like their children. They complete with them for attention, for resources, and they see them as interruptions to their busy lives outside of the home. They prefer ignoring their children and are happiest when their children are gone from the home.

Having witnessed family life in two wildly differing if not opposite conditions, I believe it necessary for women to consider that in a culture that has expected too much from us, we have lost femininity, class, manners, skills, and gentleness. We have become crass, angry, competitive, poor mothers, and practically bi-polar in encouraging children not to leave the nest and become functioning adults, while at the same time being happier when they gone and angry when they are present.

Women must reclaim rationality in a culture that has steadfastly demeaned and undermined them through media, used them as cheap labor, and encouraged the destruction of their children in mind-numbing technological addictions, food addictions, and profound incapability, even to grow up. Women must stop being manipulated by this culture. We know what is right, moral, and ethical. We must not continue to allow ourselves, marriages, and children to be degraded as a financial benefit to an immoral and unethical culture.

We must not follow in the footsteps of government and corporations that have adopted anti-human initiatives in order to secure profits. This culture is going to die off at the hands and plans of the lowest common denominator profiteers if women do not or will not become mothers raising decent and functioning adult offspring, and we cannot accomplish such if we are not in the home. Therefore, American women…go home.

If you have to make money, do so from home, but raise a new generation of decent, intelligent, and capable children who are not first and foremost lazy addicts. We have got to get our you-know-what together, ladies. This nation cannot take another degraded generation. We’ve got to stand up and do what is right. It is way past time for liberation to be productive, not destructive. First, liberate yourselves from cultural manipulation and exploitation. Then liberate your children from incapability and stupidity. Stand up and exercise your liberation. It is time to fix this culture.

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