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Fine…Deny Reality

Fine…Deny Reality

Go ahead. Deny geoengineering/aerial spraying, Fukushima’s further and unimpeded destruction of the planet, the epidemic sickness caused by GM foods, the enacted diagnosing of American people as mentally ill and their enforced drugging.

Deny pet and child-killing by peace keepers, tanks and military forces both domestic and foreign on American streets, all-encompassing spying and surveillance of the American people, the passive killing of senior citizens, and the mass-killing of pets, insects, amphibians, fish, and birds.

Deny perpetrated job-killing in every Western nation, mass welfare dependency, wholly bankrupted Western nations, and the resulting colossal profits of corporations and billionaires and trillionaires.

Deny perpetrated race, culture and generation wars in every nation and mass media’s collusion with such perpetration. Deny Agenda 21’s intention to eliminate privately owned property. Deny the biosphere reserves, world heritage sites, and federal, state and local parks that have removed most of the land and watershed systems from the people in the U.S and in other nations.

Deny the force-push of most American people out of the rural and wilderness area and into urban hubs. Deny unaffordable housing, rising rents, and banks that will not lend to people without jobs coupled with resulting poor credit scores. Deny that most American people cannot afford to buy, license, insure, or operate automobiles. Deny that roads are today let go to dissolve into holes with weeds.

Deny that mortgages with interest are being replaced with student loan debt with interest, and that student debt disqualifies younger people from home or automobile loans. Deny that Western young people have no jobs whether they are or are not educated. Deny the funding for and building of bike and walking trails for the unemployed.

Deny that cattle are dying due to four inches of snowfall in the hundreds of thousands, a fact which has never before occurred in the history of the species. Deny that birds are falling dead from the sky. Deny the loss of the annual bird migrations that used to cover the skies.

Deny the massive forest fires, globally, in the world’s biosphere reserves and the mass relocation of millions of people. Deny the loss of the family farm.

Deny the additives in drinking water and food. Deny epidemic kidney and liver failure, diabetes, obesity, cancers, asthma, and the resulting colossal profits of pharmaceutical and chemical corporations.

Deny that representative government has become totalitarian government, that you asked for none-of-the-above, and that your lifestyles are degrading to points of desperation. Deny that children are the largest group of homeless people in Western nations and the world. Deny that homelessness is being criminalized. Deny that senior citizens are being “humanely” executed along with pets.

Deny that school children are manipulated with totalitarian propaganda. Deny that they cannot name their constitutional rights or read or perform mathematics.

Deny that you vote for drunks, drug addicts, child molesters, perverts, liars, and elite political families. Deny that you shop at transnational superstores and wholly support the exploitation of slave labor, the same who finance the rulers you choose to elect.

Finally, deny that you do not lift a finger to rectify the fact that you, your children and grandchildren are ruled by madness, a full-blown insanity that you choose to ignore and one that is destroying all life on earth, including yours.

So… what did you do today to preserve freedom, health and life? Nothing? Yeah, I can tell.

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