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Shooting Pets and Arresting School Children

Shooting Pets and Arresting School Children


Having your pets slaughtered before your eyes causes profound emotional damage. Having your children arrested for having temper tantrums in schools, and having those children handcuffed and carried from the schools while screaming for their mothers causes profound emotional damage to children. Having children humiliated and physically harmed in schools by teachers and law enforcement personnel is unconscionable, and it makes parents justifiably wild with anger, particularly when their children are visibly, physically and psychologically injured.

There has been a steadfast and rapidly escalating pattern of violence toward family pets and children in the United States, and this is certainly not by accident as it is occurring in all states. These are planned operatives, planned to instigate trouble between ordinary, non-criminal citizens and law enforcement. The plan is to make citizens “terrified” of law enforcers to the point of giving up their firearms. Hence, the powers that be are terrorizing citizens’ pets and children.

Non-threatening dogs are being shot to death on a weekly basis, and not one of these dogs has attacked a law enforcement officer. Even kittens are being shot to death. Such murders are leaving traumatized owners often falsely arrested, beaten, or ignored when left with their pets’ bloody bodies in the devastated wakes of their once peaceful homes. This is criminal viciousness. If you or I shot our neighbors’ pets, we would be arrested. However, this criminality by law enforcers has become 100% legal. This is unconscionable.

Idiot teachers are calling law enforcers into elementary school classrooms all over the United States to have young children arrested, handcuffed, and carried from schools for refusing to cooperate, for crying, for bringing squirt guns to class, for eating bread into the shape of a gun, for pointing a finger like a gun, or for smacking a classmate on the rear end, forcing parents into courtrooms while their children are humiliated, completely ill-prepared to understand what they did wrong when doing nothing wrong, and to be mistreated by enforcers, the judicial systems, the media, and every frigging social scientist advocate/counselor/therapist that is foisted upon that child—for NOTHING. Let us call this by its proper term; terrorism, nothing more, nothing less.

The reality is this: Large dogs have been targeted for upwards of two decades by insurance corporations. Many “communities” do not allow specific breeds. Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, German Sheperds, Mastiffs, Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Airedale Terriers; 75 total breeds now on the banned or soon-to-be banned list in the United States. Most home insurance companies raise rates for any dog ownership or will not insure for large-breed ownership. CLEARLY, the initiative to disallow dog ownership (translation: home and property protection) has been well underway and, today, law enforcers simply shoot any dogs of their choosing. This is unconscionable as a PLANNED program to terrorize American citizens.

Couple the murder of pets with the arresting and terrorization of children, and the trajectory should be crystal clear even if you choose to remain asleep. Once they blow your pets away, or once you attempt to retrieve your arrested child from a police station, your child will never view law enforcers the same way and will never recover from the reputation of being hauled off in handcuffs by his or her school, maybe then you will wake up. You are being terrorized.

Keep in mind, sleepers, that EVERY school in the U.S. also has “lock-in” mandates, whereby at the say-so of law enforcers, you have no access to or communication rights to contact your locked away children. Hope that makes you feel comfy safe. As for your pets, sorry to say, it’s open season on them. Hope they make it. Equally, once they take your dogs and your guns, you, too, will be open season. You will pretty much do anything you’re told. Hope you enjoyed Independence Day.

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