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Social Science: The New American Church

Social Science: The New American Church

It is this writer’s opinion that the divisions within the Christian religion – all the denominations – worked like political charms to all but topple religion on American soil. In light of the fact that 95% of our churches are now governmental/corporate entities (501-c-3s), perhaps this was the ultimate road to inalienable ruin. But for certain, the voice of the church was divided and replaced with new missions, beliefs, and social/civil mandates as so directed by their government grantors. As such, a new priesthood evolved which now defines and directs the moral values, moral compass, and behavioral trajectory of the American people.

Today we now live under the professional guidance and insistence of social sciences. In fact, we are all profiled and counseled by social scientists of many, many makes and measures. Who amongst us does not personally know an MSW, an “advocate,” a Common Core teacher, or a “counselor” working in one “human service” system or another? And who among these “professionals” does not have pen, multiple triplicate forms, and computer entry screens with your names highlighted, saved, and on hand?

Today and nearly every day we are told by our socialist scientists what, when, and how to eat; when and how to sleep, which and how many drugs we are required to take, what to learn and not learn, what to believe and not believe, how and where to volunteer our community services, what careers to pursue, what life-ling learning courses, certifications, licenses, and credentials we must have to work; what is politically acceptable to believe, what religions are acceptable and unacceptable, what our beliefs regarding gender definition and reproduction should be, and why we must be genetically profiled and data based to determine the reproductive fitness of our personal and familial gene pools. Are you still getting your annual check-ups, your children, too, and giving blood twice a year?

We are counseled, referred, profiled, and directed in our schools and universities, churches, health care clinics and hospitals, in our mental and social health clinics; by our political beliefs and affiliations, our employment, criminal and voting records, through our social networks and communication devices, and in all aspects of our “community citizenship” duties and mandates.

We the people are counseled, profiled, and directed toward and into homeowner association living, live-work units, co-op housing, senior living communities, food partnerships and co-ops, consensus-based and democratic living arrangements, community service (mandatory “volunteerism”), and we are envisioned and manipulated by trained group consensus facilitation experts in community meetings, in jobs and schools, in mentorships of every make and measure, and in all “health” care-related industries.

We the people are counseled, profiled, and directed to live as group-think, programmed "community" believers vs. individuals with choices, personal opinions, and personal freedom to make individual life decisions. In fact, we have no personal freedom to make any decisions whatsoever. We are, in fact, becoming clone-ish without any individualism whatsoever. If in doubt, ask your social worker what they do with your “profile” if you disagree with their “assessment” of your condition or situation. Ask your social worker where and to whom your “profile” is forwarded once their forms are completed. For that matter, ask them who funds their “community human service project” of which you are forcibly directed, no doubt having been referred from another “human service” organization or school or “social” or “health care” counselor, advocate or worker.

It would appear that religious guidance in America has been replace by a new priesthood – a new religious leadership so to speak – and one which far, far overpowers the former authority of ministers, pastors, priests, and others. It would appear that totalitarian observation and control of we the people has fallen into the hands of the MSWs, advocates and professional counselors, therapists, educators and medical personnel who now force-direct the beliefs, behaviors, and courses of our lives – and all under very direct threats of “mental” and “drug therapy” designations. In other words, one dares not disagree with nor disregard the authority of the social scientists that have acquired the authority to take your children and your sanity if you are seen as a “threat” to their politically prepared and canned definitions of obedient “community” resource.

They have the authority to drug elders to death. They have the authority to drug children into insanity or lethargy. They have the authority to forward entire personal “profiles” to their governmental grantors, who, in turn, forward all individual profiles to state Fusion Center data bases.

The Communitarian system of governance pays social scientists to govern YOU under threats of many makes and measures. They are the “gatekeepers,” so to speak, who through “counseling and referral” identify your “social” profile through control of your behavior and opinions. We’ll just call them high priests on dictatorship steroids.

These human service “agents” are crawling all over your public schools systems – in EVERY public school - your daycare centers, your healthcare clinics and organizations, EVERY social/human service organization, your colleges and universities, and even your public libraries, which also profile all kids who participate in their after school programs.

How willingly we offer ourselves to these “counselors” and their data bases; how willingly we appreciate their “human service” on our behalf. How willingly we walk into “screenings” of every make and measure – health screenings (mobile units), school screenings (from pre-K through university education), mental health screenings, Internet screening/screen profile data entry, homeowner associations screenings (mandatory interviews before being “invited” to participate in a homeowner association “community”), etc. – the key word being “screened,” ranked, and data based.

It’s all about transformation, folks – your social transformation. Our “screeners” are our behavioral priests, and they operate with the powers of threats behind their smiling human service faces. They have been thoroughly trained and are well paid to carry out the mandated threats of their federal and state grantors.

Too old to live and contribute? You are slated for drug overdose. Too cocky to follow rules? You are slated for chemical redirection (drug therapy). Too selfish to become a community servant? You are slated for mandatory volunteerism or military service. Too individualistic to settle into consensus rules and regulations? You are publicly demeaned and commonly arrested. And all of you are uploaded into data bases, which also makes future employment with a community partnership next to impossible. Too traditionally religious? You are slated to be an emotional child abuser and a mentally ill extremist. Too constitutionally guaranteed? You are slated to be a dissident and enemy combatant terrorist. This you doubt? Just ask your social worker, advocate, Common Core teacher or counselor. For that matter, ask your 501-c-3 church leaders – the ones who answer to the Department of Homeland Security and many other departments of the federal government, beginning with Executive Order 13397 and many, many others.

One tip: Be very careful about your confessions to priestly social scientists. They are paid to profile and report on your conditions, privacy being too unsafe to uphold. Remember that your Americanism, individuality, freedom, and brain now belong to their governing and financial masters, and they are checking to make sure you are socially within the allowable limits of cloned life.

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