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Demonizing Eldership: The Inhumanity of “The Greater Good”

Demonizing Eldership: The Inhumanity of “The Greater Good”

Where does one begin? Perhaps with assisted suicide or full-blown euthanasia for the greater good? Epidemic brain disorders in eldership, with early onset becoming more frequent by the year? Better wake up, Boomers, because the nation has determined we are not worth saving, that our Social Security, forcibly taken from our paychecks our entire lives, has suddenly become an unaffordable “entitlement,” much like welfare and food stamps. Did it feel like an entitlement to you when each and every paycheck was “deducted” to ensure your ability to live as senior citizens? Were these “deductions” anything other than wages that you worked to earn?

Suddenly the only answer seems to be the “humanity” of bumping us off as quickly as possible and a new “healthcare” system that refuses to treat our health problems. Wow. Jesus would be so pleased that loving neighbors today includes putting elderly people down like dogs after STEALING money from their paychecks their entire lives. No wonder younger people are being so aptly and rapidly trained in this new form of humanity and compassion. Seniors, after all, are pointless, useless and of no worth to “the community”. Clearly, younger people are better people, more important, and more human than senior citizens; so much so that it is best to eliminate seniors so they do not impact younger generations. This is the “compassionate” ending of life we’ve heard so much about. What a ruse and what a lie.

Senior citizens have been mistreated in the country for many, many decades. The are 1) criminally over-drugged, 2) they live in states of constant poverty due to drug costs, 3) they are the highest people on the planet, and 4) their brains are dying off epidemically due to combination concoctions of pharmaceutical drugs and the aerial spraying of Nano particles of aluminum and many other substances that are breathed, decade after decade, causing aluminum toxicity in the brains of epidemic numbers of older and now middle-aged people; aluminum toxicity in the brain being one of the only known causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors are routinely tied to wheelchairs in senior centers due to mass-drugging and are then ignored. Senior “care” centers routinely convince old people to reverse their mortgages to pay for drug “care”, and when the money runs out, they are compassionately drugged down and out like dogs.

Senior citizens, in mass and in force, must stop these inhumane if not criminal profit habits of this sick and inhumane culture. We have a right to life, to our Social Security wages, and to respect. We paid our entire lives into the welfare coffers, supporting tens of millions of people. We deserve to live and to receive every penny of OUR Social Security dollars, which we EARNED with our labors.

This sick culture must not be permitted to passively execute senior citizens. If a twenty or forty-year-old has a right to life, so does a sixty or eighty-year-old. To even consider that this is not the case is pathological inhumanity. If you believe that God makes use of entire life times, then to execute people for being old is murder and should be charged as such.

It is surreal and beyond decency that today’s students are taught that assisted suicide and euthanasia are humane. Assisted suicide and euthanasia have one and only one purpose: to eliminate medical expenses to insurance corporations and the government whereby boosting profits via the mandatory, all-citizen premiums enforced by the new healthcare law. Consider for five seconds how much money insurance corporations are going to make on a month-by-month basis when every citizen is forced to pay into their coffers, with double to quadruple premiums required for EVERY citizen. Then consider that senior citizens will not be provided with medical care, but with suicide and/or euthanasia drugs only. You better wake up, stand up, and organize. This nation has become a culture that creates and profits from murder. You better wake up and do something before you, too, have blood on your hands. All senior citizens must organize against this profound and criminal inhumanity. And, Gen X, for the record, this corporate and governmental acceptance of murder for profit will hit your generation full-force. You better be standing with us.

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