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Idolizing Wealth, Expertise, Technology, and Red-Blue: Welcome to the police state

Idolizing Wealth, Expertise, Technology, and Red-Blue: Welcome to the police state

First we lost basic rights in the form of helmet and seat belt laws, quality educations and health care, and full-time jobs with living and saving wages. All of these problems correlated with commanded technological educations and addictions, upgrading device mindsets and requirements, microwaving, geoengineering, genetic modifications of food, and tainted public water supplies, which also resulted in epidemic obesity, diabetes, kidney and liver failures, asthma and upper respiratory infections and allergies, near total loss of all basic survival skills, orchestrated public debt, and mass welfare dependency.

As the public became dumber, more unhealthy with each passing decade, poorer, and incompetent to the point of refusing to see what was directly before their faces, “experts” began profiling the new mental and physical incompetents in educational settings, which had all been overtaken by federal bureaucracies, then in the medical professions, which had all been overtaken by insurance corporations at the demand of federal bureaucracies, and finally by all stakeholding and partnering social services who were and are paid with non-profiting grant dollars by federal bureaucracies; all of which, according to “experts”, finding commoners so incompetent that federal bureaucracies raised militarized policing forces, millions of new laws, eliminated constitutional rights, and implemented new technologies and agencies to spy on all the nation’s incompetents.

Whether we have or have not been diagnosed with mental, social, educational or physical problems, we all live with and within the new passive-prison paradigm. Equally, if you are not an elite, and if you have sought medical care, have seen a social worker, or have been forced into an IEP school plan or forced to take psychotropic, mood-altering drugs in an educational setting in the last two decades, you have been found to be, and data based as, either a medically, mentally, or educationally impaired (also mental impairment) incompetent.

If you are overweight or you smoke, you are socially disgusting. If you have “learning disabilities”, you are disabled for life; if you are sick and diseased, you do not deserve actual health care as a violation of the financial greater good of corporations and “communities”. God forbid, if you are any of the above and a senior citizen, you are overdosed and on the greater good exit track. If you are a welfare recipient or are diagnosed with a mental disorder, you are potentially dangerous, universally disrespected and/or despised, and a "potential" criminal.

As nearly everyone, by virtue of job and home losses, credit “scores”, and enforcements onto social “services” called welfare and “entitlement” programs, is now considered to be cultural scourges in the form of “domestic terrorists”, disease-ridden, and/or mentally ill and ignorant, most American people are now under the authoritarianism of brutal policing systems that have been trained to sees us in this light. We are assumed to be disgusting and dangerous incompetents. As such, criminality has changed and why prison release programs were initiated to make way and room for this culture’s new breed of criminals, the “scored” and categorized defectives.

Why? Because “experts” say so, government says so, red and blue politicians declare all of it to be so, and technology proves and ensures that we are passively imprisoned. As such, it is a terrible thing to realize just how clear, simple and easy it has always been to see, comprehend and witness before our very eyes, and all the while refusing the clarity. Sadly, we add humiliation to our list of defects as we absolutely idolized wealth, expertise, technology, and Red and Blue politics; all of which declaring us to be nothing less than criminals, the criminals they ensured were labeled and targeted for their ongoing control, benefits, and militarized policing systems. Welcome to the new caste system in the U.S. You are either them or socially defective scum, and if a data base says you are scum, you are under authoritarian control where innocence is irrelevant. May God help you if you are sick or mentally ill.

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