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Uh…Where are the Moral and Ethical Scientists of the World?

Uh…Where are the Moral and Ethical Scientists of the World?

There needs to be A LOT of WHISTLE BLOWING regarding the HEALTH of HUMANITY right about now. Scientists all over the world know damned well that ALL people alive on the planet are being experimented upon with science’s newest discoveries in genetic modification, nanotechnology, neuropharmacology, and geoengineering, and no one is stepping up to the ethical plate to say that this should not be happening.

Sickness is abounding because of these experiments, and population reduction aside, this is immorality on steroids. Not only are crimes against all humanity obvious, but crimes against all life sustaining nature, even sunlight, are as clear as the global haze in the sky. Why are scientists staying silent?? For grant funding…are you kidding me??

Do scientists want to be seen and viewed as badly as globalist/corporatist/banker/billionaires and their political representatives? Just because something is possible does not make it intelligent, reasonable, logical or ethical. It is time for whistles all over the world to be blown before permanent nightmares are unleashed. You do not get to “decide” to experiment on all of humanity and nature, even if you are made rich by doing so, which is far, far beyond lunacy.

Many must step up and tell the truth about what is being planned and performed. Blow the whistles!

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