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When Government Fears the People

When Government Fears the People

Look at the history of genocide and democide and all answers unfold. When government begins to fear the citizenry, leaders and “representatives” implement control measures strategically intended as self-protection. They prepare for bloodshed and make examples of specifically targeted people and people groups. History and the present are rife with examples.

In keeping with history and the current global condition is the primary reason why the enemy of socialism is the middle class. The middle class, and the middle class alone, keeps all economic cogs spinning. The rich and ruling steal wealth. The poorest people and also the useless populations often use money in a non-productive fashion. The middle class, however, works and spends, works and spends, and works and spends, which is its ethic and pattern and also the ethic and pattern of its children. The middle class keeps economic engines running, keeps businesses producing and hiring, and its success makes or breaks nations.

When working people become incapacitated and economies fail, billionaires and their banks and politicians take over, nation-sized grand theft begins, and tax-free black markets flourish and grow, which all becomes blatantly obvious. The criminalized atmosphere becomes ripe for socialist thinking; a response to fat cat theft which socialists have always believed could be solved with government control. But socialist governments always, throughout history and clearly obvious today, cause horrific damage to the most productive people, the middle classes. Socialists know full well what fat cats and their paid politicians do; they create inequality and poverty and minimum wagers. Billionaires require slave labor in order to remain billionaires, and their black markets require wars, drug addictions, and enslaved factory workers to earn tax-free billions. Billionaires also require ignorance from their wage slaves and to operate outside of the laws they inflict upon those slaves. Socialists know as much, but they blame the middle classes as the fat cat worker bees.

The problem with socialism is that it keeps trying to enforce a system that also enforces slavery; enslavement to “governments”, the most murderous and violent entities on earth. Socialism is a dead-end paradigm because it does not work with the nature of humankind, a nature that innately strives for power, over-lording and over-mastering, and a nature that “kills” the competition. Socialism DOES NOT nor has it EVER created equality. It CREATES poverty and a different and more dangerous form of slavery, where slaves actually become enemies of the state…just as witnessed in the United States, today, right now. The boots and tanks have arrived, right on schedule, with all the socialist systems up and running in the US of A. The enemy of socialism is not the middle class. The global enemy is the 0.01% who have made off with the world’s actual wealth and its natural resources.

America’s socialist government is afraid of the American people because, right on target, it created nearly totalitarian poverty with part-time, minimum wage labor forces by off-shoring corporations for fat cats, and it also created a governmental entitlement system so vast and all-encompassing that everything the fat cats haven’t stolen from the nation is now spent providing poverty level livings for upwards of 100,000,000 American people, and the people are pissed off, as well they should be.

Being well-practiced with the twentieth century experiment in socialism and communism, today’s multiple and ever-growing large scale wars ensue, and history reveals that bloodshed will transpire and is transpiring. We’ve gone down this road before with tanks and boots in the streets of Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, the entire Middle East, etc., where the people were too poor, too angry, too hungry, and knowing full well who was at fault…their socialist/communist/partnering governments. This ain’t rocket science, folks. The boots and tanks have arrived, and they are also well-practiced with many, many socialist and communist “international” troop partnerships. This government is afraid of its people; thus, here we are…once again.

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