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Perfect Storm: Part-Time Jobs + Mandatory Health Care

Perfect Storm: Part-Time Jobs + Mandatory Health Care

I talked to a maintenance man at a college who informed me that the entire maintenance crew had been cut to part-time, twenty hours a week. Equally, all faculty, minus administrators, will be cut to part-time beginning in the fall of 2013. Entire departments within companies such as accounts payable and accounts receivable departments are being eliminated while local management is being let go in favor of administrative offices in other states or contracted corporations. In essence, people’s livelihoods are being eliminated and/or cut in half; this just eight months prior to the mandatory national health insurance beginning in January.

Never in my life have I witnessed such fear from working American people. Nearly everyone I know has lost approximately one-third of their income in the last two years, self-included. Everyone I know is looking for more work, and everyone is very, very worried about January; no one knowing what to expect or how much this insurance is going to cost, because everyone is being cut to part-time so employers do not have to provide the insurance.

I recently read that the hardest hit will be low-wage women with children and single women. I ask, how much more punishment can a culture inflict upon women. We are already paid less than men based on our gender. We already are the primary and often sole caretakers of nearly 55% of the nation’s children, with these children being the largest group of people living in poverty in the U.S. How much more?

No one knows what to do, whether to pay for the insurance, pay for the fine/tax if refusing the insurance, or to look in foreign nations for work. Everyone is scared to death because most companies and corporations, including non-profits, are letting people go or cutting them to part-time. Today, 95 million American workers have lost jobs—95 million people.

It is estimated that the mandatory health insurance will cost two to four times the former monthly premiums, which were also unaffordable to tens of millions of Americans for the past twenty years. How can part-time workers pay $350 to $1200.00 per month for health insurance? I know I cannot. I can think of no other solution but for states to refuse the new healthcare law, that is if the states intend to represent the needs of the people who elected them.

Equally disturbing is the well-publicized propaganda that all needs related to senior citizens are unaffordable and “non-sustainable entitlements”. How then does one think seniors will be able to pay the “affordable” healthcare premiums? If seniors work, they are taking jobs from younger people. If they do not work, they are unaffordable human beings. Besides euthanasia, what is the answer for older Americans, or is euthanasia the answer? Equally, is today’s over-dosing of tens of millions of seniors passive euthanasia in the works, and are the mandatory pharmaceutical cocktails that we choose to call “healthcare” purposefully causing Alzheimer’s disease, which make way for early onset exits from life?

There is trouble rapidly approaching the already strapped and desperate American people, all 95+ million of them, nearly one-third of the entire population. Add the “affordable” healthcare premiums to their monthly nightmares, and one only knows what future years will bring. For seniors, I can’t begin to imagine. For single women, any hope for their futures may soon end. Please pray for the people.

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