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When Leaders and Management Fail as Human Beings

When Leaders and Management Fail as Human Beings

When profit comes before people, integrity cannot exist. When liars are defended and protected, integrity cannot exist. When any type of governance, from federal to non-profit to educational governance lies to protects itself, integrity on federal, non-profit and educational levels cannot exist. When church leadership takes grant dollars and calls grant-funded programs biblical, integrity cannot exist. When leadership in any form covers its failures by blaming others, integrity cannot exist. When powerless human beings are left standing and blamed for all of the above, integrity not only cannot, but does not exist.

When human beings are punished so that profits are extracted and protected, and dishonest leaders are rewarded for covering the crimes of exploitative profiteering, inhumanity exists. When leaders believe only what they are paid to believe, inhumanity exists. When leaders are trained to attack and shut down opposing opinions, inhumanity and dictatorship exists. When human beings are left standing faultless, ignored, and without, inhumanity is absolute. When “the company” is protected at the expense of the innocent, “the company” and its leaders are unethical and immoral.

In my life I have witnessed a culturally mandated elimination of integrity, humanity, ethics, and morality on the global, national, local, community, and individual level. Today, it is obvious that telling the truth is unacceptable and often criminalized. Opinion is subject to the political correctness of those in leadership roles and their very specific training, and opposing opinions have become demonized and often criminalized. Thinking under such cultural mandates has become demonized and replaced by canned programs of propaganda, and those in all leadership roles know as much, with schools as the primary example.

As such, the punishment of the innocent is growing in epidemic proportions, while leaders are trained to become vicious by design. Such ugliness has become so widespread that victimhood is also rising to epidemic proportions; federally, nationally, locally, at the community level, and the individual level. Victimization in employment is, today, far beyond inhumane; it is unjust on many criminal levels, where liars and thieves “lead” while they exploit and cheat workers, and corporate teams of lawyers work full-time to manipulate and cover corporate and non-profit illegalities.

The vulnerability of the world’s people and this nation’s people is staggering because we are living beneath the rules and regulations of trained liars and manipulators. It is astounding to what we have succumbed. The problem is no one in positions of authority cares. As long as their positions are secured, everyone beneath them is expendable, and they are trained to treat employees badly, to rate them poorly, and to eliminate them when and if desired, and without the possibility of law suits; they care not for any employees.

In other words, employee contributions mean nothing and their work is meaningless. Equally, their mistreatment is expected and encouraged. Not so, you say? Consider the mega-corporate factories in China, Indonesia, India and many other nations. Take a look at the 95 million American people who have lost their jobs in the U.S., nearly one-half of the working-age population. Profit before people is what happens when leadership and management fails; when integrity, humanity, ethics, and morality fail.

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