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Constructive or Destructive Radicalism

Constructive or Destructive Radicalism


I am not opposed to radicalism. Change is required in all facets of life, from personal change to technological change, and radical thinking is necessitated for creative progress in any venture, art form, health, or even in rethinking a new design for a room or new furniture. Radical thinking is constantly necessary, but there are two very distinct types and concepts of radicalism: constructive and destructive.

Constructive radicalism is the foundation of the creative arts, philosophy, and all changes which bring forth well-reasoned and positive outcomes for living entities, whether they are human beings, flora or fauna. Quality of life is the center, the heart of constructive radicalism. The creative and ever-changing aspects of each generation, their opinions and ideas and all representational art forms, when constructively radicalized and offered to the world as new considerations and potential provide the ongoing march of life into the future. Constructive radicalism is the very stuff of human genius, entrepreneurship, youth, brilliance, and invention.

Sadly and terrifyingly, destruction is equally embedded within the consciousness of humankind as it is in nature and God. Destructive radicalism, like constructive radicalism, is also sought, but it is the foundation of death, corruption, damage, and a pathological arrogance that begins from the premise that forced damage justifies opinion and all outcomes. Destructive radicalism is as real to all life as constructive radicalism. All humans and even pre-human history proves this to be true.

Destruction in actual nature is horrendous. From tsunamis, inland flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, nature’s destruction causes profound death and damage, but its destruction is forgivable in its randomness and absence of human hatred. The destructive radicalism of humankind is intentional and planned attacks against or disruption of human life. It seeks human damage and dictatorship by the enforcement of collective will. On small scales, destructive radicalism plays out in public insults, calling normal people mentally ill, terrorists, fat, or stupid. On larger scales it seeks and finds new enemies to demonize and attack with propaganda and deadly weapons and poisons in order to advance agendas. It actually seeks victims; human, flora and/or fauna. Destructive radicalism uses any and all tactics, including lies, to inflict its will with infliction being the key word as it seeks to destroy.

Equally, destructive radicalism knows no political or economic boundaries nor specifies any loyalty. Its end result is its means regardless of social or cultural norms, practices or benefits. Damage is its purpose and endgame.

Having entered another radical period of history with its predetermination and planning, clearly both sides of the radicalism movement are assembling. This long-term planning has over several decades raised new military forces, new weapons systems, new technologies and techniques of propaganda, and new belief systems while at the same time has implemented a strategic promotion of disinformation that sanctions the demonizing of opinions, even to the point of calling millions, if not billions of people mentally ill for expressing views contrary to deconstructive agendas. This is a very dangerous trajectory; one that has witnessed democide and genocides on several continents and in many nations in very recent history. The planned results of destructive radicalism are carnage.

Let us pray for the power of the constructive radicals in the world and in our nation. At all costs, we must not wander into destructive thinking as we are called to love our neighbors and our enemies as He loved us and His enemies. Please, take the high road as did Christ for our sakes. There are not two of us on the face of the earth worth rubbing two nickels together for, but we must retain our God-given creativity and use it to His purpose. Please, remember His commandment, which was not a request. Remember, the battle is already won.

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