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Paradigm Shifting To Life and What Matters

Paradigm Shifting To Life and What Matters


When I was young, I wanted to be an astronomer. However, I was not mathematically inclined, which I quickly discovered was problematic to studying the universe. Later, I wanted to be a physical/cultural anthropologist and began a young career digging at archeological sites, which I loved. However, and as fate would have it, in college I fell in love with writing, so much so that it changed the direction of my life.

I became a writer and a teacher of writing with both following me into my senior years. There was simply nothing else I wanted to do after I discovered the love of writing, books, poetry, literature and philosophy, which included the love of teaching people how to relay their thoughts onto paper. Today students write themselves onto screens, as do I, and today I realize how lucky I have been to have lived to see this transition and to have read the thoughts of thousands of students. My life has been profoundly enriched by these young thoughts, and I have been a privileged audience.

Though it is true that technology is factoring out the influence of educators, and though it is a fact that in the future education will be technologically delivered, I am also grateful to see the tail end of human-based education, face-to-face with students, and equally hopeful that technological advances will free people from chronic work, enough so for humans to refocus on the necessities of morality, ethics, and humanity vs. economic enrichment. As we are constantly told of a paradigm shift, it is my hope and prayer that a paradigm shift will eliminate corporate dictatorship, governmental crimes against humanity, planned economics-based wars, and ongoing inequality caused by the theft of the world’s people. This IS the necessary paradigm shift. A global political system won’t cut it. It will only and ever maintain and enhance the status quo, which must change.

All the world’s people have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; all human beings, not just rich or American people. The rich, however, have never cleaned bathrooms for a living. They have never roofed houses in mid-summer. They have never poured concrete, and they have never worked in Third World factories, 16 hours a day, six or seven days a week. They have all been well served, well partied, well vacationed, well dressed, well educated and well fed, but they do not believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone as they knowingly and purposefully exploit most of the world’s people and separate themselves from those they believe to be lesser beings.

In truth and in life, there are two kinds of people: laborers and rich people. The rich will tell you they work, but they do not. Meetings are not work. Hiring human resource professionals, think tanks and politicians is not work. Flying to vacation spots for meetings is not work. Vacationing three months a year with servants in tow is not work. Hiring housekeepers, gardeners, personal shoppers and personal assistants, nannies and boarding schools, valet services, chefs and drivers and golf and tennis instructors is not work.

They claim they are the brains of the world but, in truth, they are mostly thieves, actually believing they deserve more than others. They spout inclusion and equality, equity and environmental championing, but they lie. They have closed personal and social circles, private communities, private clubs, private limousines, private jets, private security details, hidden legislation, secret meeting places and gatherings, private surveillance systems, and private vacation homes. They absolutely do not believe in equality, equity, or championing the environment. They do, however, want the masses to believe in all the above, which are their custom-designed formulas and legal and banking trickery for filling coffers and pockets and offshore accounts by misusing and underpaying most of humanity to their benefit. This is nothing new. It is simply the history of human wealth and power, and this is precisely where the paradigm shift must occur if any change at all is to be realized. Centralized wealth and power has to change, because most of the world suffers due to of the unethical, self-serving greed of the world’s richest people.

What matters in life are family, love, peace, opportunity, and unalienable rights to choose one’s beliefs. Governance is not God. Governance may be dictatorial, but it is not God, and when governance oversteps anyone’s beliefs, it becomes a pariah. Therefore, it behooves governance, all governance, to limit its role in the lives of human beings, especially when governance is historically chock-full of psychotic leaders. Somehow, it attracts or is paid to attract lunatics.

Normal people, who are today diagnosed as crazy people, need to do a couple of things. First, they must stop taking drugs, meaning blindly taking any and all pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter, and street drugs. They must clean themselves up as American people have become addicts to the largest degree. They must stop taking unknown substances because they are quickening sickness and brain-dulling the people. Next, Americans need to refocus on their children who are being systematically changed in the internationalized educational system. They are being reshaped into collectivist communists who are trained to bow before governance and to be low paid laborers for the collective greater good of corporate wealth.

Finally, Americans need to govern, which is the duty of citizens. It is not the legal responsibility of government employees to rule. It is the people’s responsibility to govern elected representatives, not the other way around. Elected representatives are employees hired by the people. When they overstep their legal authorities, or when they create hocus pocus or hidden laws or declare edicts that grant themselves powers not specified in the Constitution, they must be relieved from duty, particularly as they have designated more than one-quarter of the American people as mentally incompetent, effectively disarming one-fourth of the people, and particularly as they have designated one-quarter of American children as mentally incompetent and what may be nearing half of the American people as potential domestic terrorists or, in other words, those not on board with “changes” the government has enacted to empower itself without permission and contrary to constitutional law. The people must lead or be usurped. The government is defined as of the people, by the people, and for the people, which means the people themselves are being usurped.

What ultimately matters is whether a human being has the ability to pursue happiness. When governance makes livelihoods no longer possible, when homes are repossessed and/or maintenance coded out of existence; when food, water and air are purposefully corrupted, and when citizens are so reviled as to be mass-diagnosed, mass-drugged, refused medical care, bankrupted, and their standard of living and health is legislated away from the people and their children, the time to act has arrived. It is time to lead or live under another dictatorship with tanks and armies in the streets and drones and cameras in the air, a reality in this nation.

The ongoing racial inequalities in this nation were created and maintained by the rich and their most favored representatives. The wealthiest people in government, from federal to state to county to local, are funded to create and enforce rules based on the maintenance of existing power and wealth, and they are making slaves of entire national populations. This has to stop. Yes, it is time for a real paradigm shift.

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