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First Animalism, then Cage

First Animalism, then Cage

If you have watched any of the videos Govern America has posted this past week, you will understand the American “public” education system as so determined by “expert” educators. In all truth, these videos are horrifying. You also may have seen the Thanksgiving Day shopping and Black Friday videos, demonstrating the worst of human animalism—en masse. Together, these videos exhibit the reason for elite rule and elite hatred of the masses of whom they are terrified. And why wouldn’t they be terrified?

We are purposefully educated to be selfish idiots, bizarrely stupid, and obedient only to feared authorities. We are not obedient to God, to our families, to ethics and morality of any make or measure, and this lack of tending to ourselves leaves us far worse than wild animals; it makes us perfected fools.

Sad to say, the whole world is watching as the American people fight for first place idiocy. Ignorant, shallow beyond belief, non-thinking animals, which we view as enjoyment, entertainment and happiness, is what we have become.  This fact of our condition serves the elite only too well.

There is a reason why entire races are held back. There are reasons why only the one percent knows how to become rich and the ninety-nine percent do not. There are reasons why the ninety-nine percent pay the taxes for the one percent and barely survive paycheck to paycheck. It is because we are denied knowledge in public schools. Instead, we are trained to work and obey for mere survival, and everyone knows how “employees” are treated in today’s world. They are treated like dirt and easily replaceable with thousands of desperate slaves with resumes.

Today the elite are serious about their control of slave laborers. Having shared knowledge with their “international’ business associates, they have learned communistic methods of management, and they have brought those methods to the U.S. They have also instituted through laws and using illegal spying apparatuses further human ranking and sorting systems.

If you are a good slave, you will get a minimum wage job. If you are a bad slave, you will be denied employment. If you are a criminal freak show, you will eventually be taken out or imprisoned for use as free labor, and all of the above will forego actual medical care. Health is only for elites.

Detainment camps, which are now admitted to and readied, are actually slave labor shops that have been set up in the United States. This should surprise no one as they are common industry standards all over the world and mostly used by corporations in the United States, China and Europe; the world’s “super” powers. It was only a matter of time before such slave labor camps arrived in the U.S. Therefore, animals, let it be known that you are seen on all these videos, on your Facebook and other social media sites, and in your school sorting and ranking records. By the time you are sixteen-years-old, your die has been cast.

We do believe, here, in the United States, that wild animals should be caged. Keep in mind that our caged animals do not make wages of any kind. They are only, and until death, used to enrich the corporate zookeepers. One day you will come to realize that your ignorance was never bliss, and that your animalistic behavior was highly desired as proof to elites that you, indeed, must be caged and detained.

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