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How to get a Handle on Scandal? A BIG Crisis

How to get a Handle on Scandal? A BIG Crisis

Well, governance has had a tough month. Pick a department, any department, and the scandals are multiplying like flies. The good news is that no one, not even major media, can stick their heads into this quicksand. There are clearly monumental ethical and moral failures up top. The trouble is, they know about the pathetic problem of our very, very limited attention spans. They also know how to elicit crises on demand, when and where crises are desired. As such, I suggest you get very prepared for a very, very big crisis, which is the only way at present to deflect our attention from the District of Columbia. Equally, we all know that only the District of Columbia will “investigate” all these scandals. No one else, no other entity, will be allowed to do so as we well know.

It is sad that the American people refused to believe all the “conspiracy theorists” when for twelve years they explained in detail their loss of privacy. No one believed it, but today, finally, they understand without a shadow government of a doubt that they have no privacy whatsoever. Now, I suppose, the people are wondering why they have no privacy and will be trying their hardest to justify their obvious criminality as so defined by their governance. Sadly, today it is the people who have become conspiracy theorists, falsifying a reality that is shoved in their faces to “feel” better. Well, good luck with that.

It was only a matter of time before the insiders spilled the criminal and immoral beans. As we have said from the very beginning, being a liberal or a conservative in this country has NOTHING to do with the District of Columbia. The red and blue was a TV show, entertainment by which we divided ourselves into warring tribes, while the big boys and girls were working hand in hand to eliminate the rights and laws of this country. Man, have they done a good job. Man, have we been stupid beyond any and all comprehension. So, let me just give a big shout out, a big howdy-do, to the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, and the DOD. Hi, guys. I guess I’m flattered that you would read my posts, listen to my calls, and know when I run the dryer. Sorry, but I don’t have a dishwasher.

Just so you know, today I graded some papers, took my kid to school, picked her up after her class, took her to work, posted some final grades for my students, applied for another part-time job, asked for verification of my income being cut in half in the last few weeks (my hours for one of my part-time jobs were cut in half), and later today I’ll be baking bread, sweeping my floors, and doing a load of laundry. But, you probably already know as much, so I guess I should ask for your forgiveness as, surely, I’ve committed many national, or should I say international offenses.

To the whistleblowers, I guess I should thank you, but, frankly, you’re a little late since our homeland military is armed to the teeth and well-practiced. Being that we all know we are waiting for the BIG crisis to unfold, or perhaps several crises at once, I’m sure we will all redirect our attention to those troubles rather than to the District of Columbia. Crises have worked very well as deflections for them in the past, and we have clearly become addicted to the adrenaline of new and improved crises. Well, people, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. All that adrenaline of yours is going to flow like a river.

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