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A Few Fixes: Eliminate Non-Profits, Surreal Wealth, and Paid Representatives

Answers:  Eliminate Non-Profits, Surreal Wealth, and Paid Representatives

With God knows how many trillions indebted and some of the largest corporations on the planet paying no taxes and participating in the world's black markets, it is surely time for all “partners” to carry their share of their economic nightmare. The labor forces of the United States must refuse any new taxes or tax increases, must refuse mandatory health “care”, and they must demand the end of the play-ball-with–the-big-boys non-profit, tax exempt stakeholder status. Average Jane and Joe are getting royally you-know-what’d while big corporations and “partners” get off scot-free from paying taxes. This has to stop.

Equally, working people need to learn how to say an old word. The word is no, and they also need to do their constitutional duty, which is to govern all elected officials who, flat out, made off with the nation’s legal system and the people’s rights with it. They need to say “no” to tyranny and usurpation. They need to say “no” to the Federal Reserve Corporation. They need to say “no” to mandatory insurance of every make and measure, and they need to disallow all elected officials from introducing bills without the people’s knowledge or permission. The new government that has been illegally set into place must be constitutionally replaced; all laws, Executive Orders, Presidential Signing Statements, proclamations, all hidden legislation, including all martial law orders, etc. must be eliminated. It is time for the cold, hard truth to be said and for action.

“Too big to jail” and/or criminal “financial” billionaires and trillionaires should have two choices: 1) Hand it all over to cover the national debt, which was created by their well-paid representatives and at their international doing, or 2) leave the country and give up citizenship; take it or leave it. Equally, it is way, way past time for all elected “representatives” to become volunteer workers; translation: UNPAID. Much like the American people who have been forced into mandatory volunteerism, translation: SLAVERY; politicians at all levels must now do the same, and each representative must be under the tutelage and oversight of committees of Joe’s and Jane’s, not “expert” thieves and international banksters.

All problems, every problem in the United States, come from the top down. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Federal Reserve holdings and the gold, silver, and investment holdings of the nation’s under cover richest people could pay off the national debt. Give me one reason why they should not do so? They are responsible for everything that is wrong in this nation, all of them with their marionette “representatives” and their transnational aspirations and trafficked slave laborers.

We must reclaim the properties that were secretly stolen from the United States and handed to the United Nations in the form of 47 Biosphere Reserves and all “international” World Heritage Sites, and we must bring all American military forces home. We must rebuild American bases and close and sell all others located on every other continent in the world. That sale would also, no doubt, clear the current national debt. Disband the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Brookings Institute, the Aspen Institute, and all other Neocon think-tanks and disallow them employment in the United States as they have disallowed employment, opportunity, equality, opinion, freedom, legality, and especially truth in the United States.

Eliminate the Patriot Act and all spy rings and reclaim all privacy. Make illegal GPS in phones, automobiles, computers, televisions, animals, and clothing. Disassemble all panoptical street and rooftop cameras. Enforce legal immigration, and disband and disarm the DHS and FEMA which were illegally raised as armies against the people of the United States that have been trained and practice as such.

We have been denied life through unending international wars of economic magnitude, liberty of every measure, and the pursuit of happiness through the theft of our labors, our jobs and businesses, our laws, our vote, our privacy, our opinions, our educations, our health, our land and homes, and our national wilderness areas and historical sites. These are the cold, hard facts. Enough is enough.

It is time for the government to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. We are not things to be manipulated, criminalized, and ruled. WE are the government. No one makes decisions for us. WE tell THEM what they can and cannot do, and what they have done must be undone as they have acted against the people and outside of the law.  The only option to duty to freedom is slavery, and the entire world is being forced into slavery under illegal governance and black market business models; the black markets becoming so powerful and wealthy that they now buy entire nations and governmental representation.  We must refuse to participate in this immoral game wholly run by criminals.

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