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Vladimir Putin: Sorry…I like him.

Vladimir Putin: Sorry…I like him.

I was born in 1954, lived through the Cold War and all the rest to the present day. War dominated my elementary school experience (atomic bomb drills), my middle and high school years (Viet Nam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Korea DMZ, Dominican Republic, etc.) and, of course, the Drug War. Since that time wars have dominated the entire world, all media, and all human psyches on the planet. Clearly, war is absolutely intended and profitable as most nations’ entire budgets are provided to the global military industrial complex system of non-stop wars. The fewest of the few profit; the 99% suffer physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually--brutally so.

I am not a fan of any political system because all have committed democide and genocide; all of them. Political systems murder vast numbers of people, hundreds of millions of people each and every century and all claiming the right to do so while insisting on justified murder. That said, I despise political systems; all of them.

Like it or not, the United States is a warring nation filled with war mongers and war worshippers. In fact, if you don’t worship soldiers, any and all soldiers, you are loathed in this country, because the United States is a war-loving nation insisted upon by American politicians and tradition. We war with anyone; we instigate war with anyone. That is our history. Sorry if the truth hurts.

As we prepare for World War III and spend the North American Union into economic collapse to do so, I shake my head in disgust at our ruler-representatives, our global political system and parties, and our enforcement of war to achieve global economic domination. It makes me sick to my stomach. I am no flag waver.

I listened to Vladimir Putin speak at the 2014 Valdai Discussion Club and found myself stunned, because he summed up exactly how I feel and what I believe. Mind you, I wholly understand how all politicians at that level are secret keepers and insensitive to the masses of the world’s people who they will indiscriminately murder when they feel justified. Neither am I a Communist, Socialist, Fascist or Capitalist, and I do not believe in “global democracy”-- the most insidious lie of them all -- and I have no idea what Putin calls himself politically; if he’s a Communist or some hybrid of the same outdated, corrupt, and broken political systems. I actually do not care, but I do care that he verbalized my thoughts and beliefs when no other politician has ever come close to doing so in my lifetime.

Realizing all U.S. politicians demand that Putin is now public enemy #1, and that our entire economy has been devoted to the forthcoming global war, so much so that 90% of the American people can barely afford to live while the 10% make millions and billions playing at the Wall Street War Casino, I can tell you this: I respect Putin far, far more than American politicians, European politicians, the UN, the global power structures in the U.S. and Europe, and the Federal Reserve and other central banking global entities.

Putin sees it and tells it like it is, and for that I am grateful and say, “Thank you.” As world leaders go, the Russian people are lucky to have him. You couldn’t get Putin’s kind of honesty out of an American or European politician if you paid them even more crony and corporate donations, with more off-shore bank accounts and Black Market laundering deals.

I think Vladimir Putin loves his country. Too bad the United States doesn’t have the same patriotism in office and that the American people keep electing and reelecting anti-patriots. Oh, well. We got exactly what we voted for. I only hope someone as smart as Putin doesn’t garner the rest of the world to solve the world’s ongoing problems, because I, for one, cannot wave this foreign flag anymore. I can, however, respect and admire a truth teller. To Vladimir Putin.

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