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Conspiracy Tracking: The United States of Incarceration

Conspiracy Tracking: The United States of Incarceration

I keep mulling over the wholly illegal Constitution-Free Zones (the entire border of the U.S.), which were so declared by the Department of Homeland Security. Then there is the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act (H.R. 1505) which gives the same Department of Homeland Security total control of the same entire border of the U.S. without regard to any environmental laws in the United States and also allows the DHS to build fences, to patrol the entire border, and to use “monitoring equipment”. I also ponder the fact that both Constitution-Free Zones AND H.R. 1505 ensure that the DHS has total control of exactly 100 miles inward from the actual border lines and the oceans.

1)      The Constitution-Free designations are wholly illegal. No one or department can declare that constitutional law does not exist.

2)      H.R. 1505 supposedly died in committee.

However, this 100 mile strip around the entire nation is clearly sought by the DHS military. The question is, why. Then add Fukushima to the equation. Then add Agenda 21’s directive to “relocate human populations.” Then add to the equation the fact that criminals are not only allowed into the country but even enticed with social programs, business loans and welfare, but that “terrorists” from so-called declared enemy nations are also being brought in to the United States.

American people have themselves been declared “domestic terrorists”, drug cartels and their businesses are being invited in and given weapons by the government, and other foreigners who are “foreign terrorists” are also given refuge in the U.S. So the question begs: Is the United States becoming a gigantic prison system with all border areas fenced, patrolled, monitored, and constitution-free—meaning no human being has any rights whatsoever at the borders of the nation? No more swimming at the beaches, fishing, boating or even seeing the oceans or the Great Lakes? One hundred miles is quite a significant distance.

If the DHS gets its way, or the feds ensure that they do, what is the purpose of this nation-sized cage and one which will clearly have the ability to “detain” people in the nation’s interior? Now add to the mix the high-tech surveillance systems already in place in the U.S., the militarized policing forces, militarized DHS and FEMA, militarized contractors, and foreign militaries who have all been practicing together for the last decade. Again, why?

It is not too hard to “envision” a prison system without walls, nation-sized. It is not unprecedented; Australia was once a dumping ground for criminals. Is America the new penal colony of the “global” government? If not, why is the nation’s entire border to be fenced, patrolled, monitored, and Constitution-free? Is the seemingly ignored Fukushima the catalyst? Also remember that they “closed the ocean” in Florida during the so-called government shutdown. Something is clearly afoot. Food for conspiracy tracking.

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