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Civil Society: What happens when you're an idiot

Today we face:

Tyrannical authority in place of a representative government.

The replacement of local governments with appointed councils and persons unknown.

The breaking of laws regarding the naturalization of citizens.

The breaking of laws regarding the civil rights of citizens.

Global interference with objective judicial processes.

The enforcement of standing armies throughout the U.S. - from rural to metropolitan areas.

Standing armies/military powers superior to civil governments.

Citizens forced to support the military presence in their neighborhoods by forcing them to pay more and higher taxes to support the standing armies.

The passage of legislation without citizen input, consent, or even knowledge.

The passage of legislation to quarter troops in the U.S.

The passage of legislation to militarily enforce and shut off trade with other nations.

Demanded global wars with global and unprecedented nuclear arms build-up; land, sea, air and space.

Levying new taxes without the input, consent, or even knowledge of the people.

The weakening of the right to trial by jury.

Citizens arrested without charges.

Indefinitely detaining citizens without formal charges.

The denial of legal representation for those arrested without charges.

Illegal confiscations of citizens’ properties, automobiles and personal possessions.

The denial of the right to assemble and protest.

Americans disallowed access to and ownership of massive U.S. acreages, watershed systems, and private properties (bank loans) for all but elites.

The disallowance of electing desired representatives by a pre-selecting of elite global candidates with a denial of access to all others.

The elimination of representative government due to appointed and unknown commissions and councils and their militarily controlled regions.

U.S. land masses redefined as international territories without the input, consent, or knowledge of U.S. citizens.

The kidnapping of U.S. citizens into corporate slavery and for other secret government purposes.

Being forced to obey rulers vs representatives who act outside of all laws that limit their powers.

Dividing U.S. citizens so that they fight against each other:

·         Race vs. race

·         Gender vs. gender

·         Sexual preference vs. sexual preference

·         Rich vs. poor

·         Urban vs. Rural

·         Political party vs. political party

·         Vegan vs. omnivore

·         Fat vs. thin

·         Smokers vs. non-smokers

·         Education vs. non-educated

·         Young vs. old

·         Biology vs. created life

·         Biology vs. technology

·         Government vs. civil rights

·         Elites vs. commoners

·         Employed vs. unemployed

·         Union vs. non-union

·         Geoengineering vs. natural weather systems

·         Military vs. civilians

·         Transnational corporations vs. small business

·         Authoritarianism vs. freedom

·         Community vs. individuality

·         War vs. peace

·         Communism vs. liberty

·         Globalism vs. nationalism

·         Propaganda vs. truth

·         Dictatorship vs. free speech

·         Dictatorship vs. limited power

·         Limousines vs. private automobiles

·         Billionaires vs. full-time wages

·         Corporate outsourcing vs. U.S. jobs

·         Third World slave laborers vs. American employees

·         Etc., etc., etc….

What is compelling about this list is that many of these scenarios played out prior to the American Revolutions via King George III…the third great grandfather of current Queen Elizabeth.

There is nothing new under the sun with the only difference that Americans in the 1700’s understood and cared deeply about tyranny and violent government. Today, however, Americans don’t give a shit. Violent "civil" dictatorship it is.

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