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Concerning Global Unions

Concerning Global Unions


Knowing the working conditions for most people in the world, the brutality and history of sweat shops and human exploitation, including today’s human rights violations in the trafficking of women and children for use in such sweat shops, labor unions have championed and protected abused working people from aristocracies since their inception as guilds in medieval Europe. Over the centuries, they came to champion fair wages, reasonable working conditions, reasonable treatment, and workers’ health rights. Labor unions in the United States are wholly responsible for the middle class, and without their efforts and achievements the middle class would never have risen to create the prosperity that was once actualized in the U.S. As such, let it be known that I am not against labor unions. To the contrary, they are and remain necessitated by the disdain toward and ongoing exploitation of the poor by the rich. They are necessary.

However, I do not like thuggishness, nor do I appreciate when unions encourage ugly and violent behavior. I do not appreciate such from governments, governance, war criminals, neighborhoods criminals, or business or corporation owners. I am an old-fashioned woman, and I believe in manners and decency in and throughout all challenges.

Many believe that powerful labor unions in the United States demanded too much and helped to usher in the great corporate outsourcing into the Third Word. This I do not believe because the globalism plan and directives were in the planning stages throughout the last century and prior to the rise in power and influence of the U.S. labor unions. Corporate magnates of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were well underway with plans to expand into global markets and governments.

Many also claim that unions demanded wages that were too high and too many benefits for workers. This is also nonsense. When the U.S. was in its economic hay day, when the country was experiencing its best middle class wages and benefits for workers, and the middle class was buying homes, automobiles, and for the first time in U.S. history were able to acquire some modicum of wealth and savings, were able to take vacations, and for the first time middle class children were able to attain higher educations, the country experienced its strongest economy because products were made at home by union workers, and union workers were spending their wages in the nation, producing a symbiotic, healthy and wealthy nation. This is also the time when America was known for its innovative genius, all due to its educated masses of middle class people, the first time in history.

Labor unions have served this country brilliantly, and their influence profoundly improved the lives of multi-millions of American families and generations. But this does not mean that they are not vulnerable to political manipulation or misuse. Unions today must ponder and with great care, first and foremost remembering their original missions, which should not include partnering with “governance”.

The original understanding of the democrat vs. republican parties defined republicans as championing big labor and democrats as championing working class people. We believed this for decades but today know better having witnessed both parties enmeshing the United States into the original globalism missions of the nineteenth and twentieth century billionaire Rockefellers, Carnegies, Fords, Asters, Vanderbilts, Weyerhaeusers, DuPonts, etc., all coupled with their international banking instruments and European billionaire associates. These men and their legacies were far beyond partisan politics, for which they could have cared less and which they manipulated then and now. Add contemporary billionaires, for example Gates and Buffett, and consider how their billions were made and continue to be made off the backs of exploited and mistreated foreign laborers. Labor unions must clearly understand the reality of political affiliation and “partisan” politics.

Equally disturbing is the fact that the United States stands alone as a republic, surrounded by an entire world of socialist-communist countries. The entire world wants the U.S. to adopt this political system, which is historically infamous for its mistreatment and exploitation of the laboring masses. This cannot be denied, and should the U.S. become a communist nation, we, too, will become poorer people, brutally controlled people, and with no ability to challenge inappropriate or violent governance, a reality today for most of the world’s people.

Looking at today’s hidden legislation, governmental trickery, Ponzi banking practices, licensing and certification restrictions, millions of rules and regulations and increasing taxation upon the middle and lower classes, one cannot help but consider the direction in which we are being led and the ethics of those enforcing such systems. One also cannot help but wonder what will happen to the poorest American people, the ones whose conditions have not improved one iota, whose futures remain bleak even with a multi-trillion dollar welfare system and history. Their conditions have improved how?

Global labor unions are now forming under capitalist-communist global leadership. Combining the two, capitalism and communism, is a recipe for impending nightmares upon working people. Both have historically mistreated working people, and both have a past and current history of mistreating, exploiting, and underpaying workers. My concern is that they will use global unions to cement their original missions, that of seizing global wealth, all wealth, and centralizing that wealth and into economic power over the entire planet, and all within the hands of very few who, yesterday and today, created and implemented a global government, including a plan to unionize all banks under one authority, theirs.

Be aware, be smart, be very careful that you are not used to further empower what are today obscenely rich, powerful, and dangerous people; rich and powerful enough to run entire nations and their governments, forcing them to merge into “unions” like the European Union, the former Soviet Union, and the North American Union, manipulating their national banking systems, and now calling for unionized global banks under the authority of corporate elites, themselves. Make sure you are seeing the biggest picture if not scam in human history. Guaranteed, the people will pay. Take a look at the European Union if in doubt, or China or Russia’s labor forces, or Microsoft or Nike’s or General Motors’ Third World labor forces, all corporate workers under this new global economic system. Also, and for the record, human “trafficking” became the third largest black market in the world not due to the sex industry. It was raised to fill Third World factories with the cheapest possible laborers (women and children) to fulfill global-sized orders. Imagine how many workers it takes to make clothing or dishes or towels for 7 billion people.

The whole point of “global government” was to generate the cheapest possible labor forces for corporate magnates, our billionaire governors. Don’t hold your breath when it comes to fair labor practices, not when they can purchase national governments, control the world’s biosphere reserves, oceans, and fresh watershed systems (translation: all natural resources), globally.

Labor unions brilliantly served the people of the United States. They were instrumental in our best days as a nation, but unions must understand that corporate wealth has become so immense due to global economics that corporations and their personally designed banking systems now control entire national economies and their governments. If you thought corporate power was exploitative 50 and 100 years ago, don’t think for five minutes that their intentions are equitable now.

Billionaires and trillionaires (they exist) require slave labor. Never forget that. Never forget that they are unionizing their systems to their ongoing benefit. It is guaranteed their systems will enforce the cheapest labor possible. Think Detroit. Think of children in sweat shops all over the world. Think 300,000 to 400,000 Americans losing jobs every month in the U.S. Be careful of your alliances. The truth is everywhere to be seen.

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